Potential meta-relevant PvE Pokemon list?


is there any resource that can give us the information about potentially PvE meta-relevant mons? By my standards, meta-relevant means top 5 of it’s type by DPS^3*TDO, because I don’t like using a team of 6 Pokemon of the same species (I rarely short-man raids).

For example, the top 5 electric attackers currently are

  1. Zekrom
  2. Raikou
  3. Zapdos
  4. Electivire
  5. Magnezone

Thundurus (Therian Forme) comes in sixth place, Luxray at seventh…

My question is, can I find a list of Pokemon that could become top 5 if they were given a specific moveset? I’d like to keep those if possible and evolve/max them if the time comes.

Thank you :grin:

Go to the Comprehensive DPS/TDO spreadsheet, allow potential future moveset expansion and search only for electric types

Sorry but how exactly do I do this? I’ve been using the Comprehensive DPS/TDO spreadsheet for forever and never noticed this feature. Where do I allow the potential future moveset expansion?

You can manually add in the movesets to different 'mon. For example, I believe the best Electric-type moveset is Volt Switch+Wild Charge. Put that in for the 'mon in question, refresh, and see how it compares. You can also create your own moves (such as an electric-type Hydro Cannon clone) and add them to different 'mon. All that said, the 'mon with the highest CP will likely be the “Best in Type” if given the best moveset possible.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), speculation abounds concerning movepool updates, Community Day moves, etc. Gamepress will post articles periodically on which 'mon could get potential fixes, but otherwise, there’s no way to know for sure what moveset Niantic will expand or what new moves will get added.

Its under the Mods
Also, type in @*electric to see only Pokémon with full electric-type movesets

I’m kind of the reverse, I love to short man/beat my time so I’ll cheerfully use 6, 12 of the same. That said, my long-term approach is the same, I’ll hold onto strong candidates of potentially good stuff in case it gets the Aura Sphere/Meteor Mash etc. treatment.

In terms of your question; When you’re looking to use unique 6 teams I suspect there’s not much of fully evolved forms that, in theory, wouldn’t make your team with the right treatment. There’s even the midway forms like Rhydon and Piloswine that come into play too.

I suppose playing with the spreadsheet would be the best way but how far down the list do you go? I’d be interested to see your results, if you can find a way to fix Magmortar while you’re at it (and get niantic to implement it) that would be great.

Thundurus Therian isn’t released yet, so the moveset is unknown. Bear in mind the case of Giratina Origin. As long as Thundurus-T has Thunder Shock+Thunderbolt/Discharge, it will definitely beat Zekrom by DPS, since Charge Beam is such a trash.
Luxray and Raikou in principle can get Thunder Fang at some point, plus Mega Manectric. Zekrom can learn it as well, but it has 2 signature moves in the future.

The best electric moveset is Thunder Fang+Wild Charge, which only Arcanine has access to. Thunder Fang is so strong that Niantic prevents any STAB Pokemon from learning it.