Potential Project?

Well, I end up with this situation:

I’ve always wanted to have Sigurd, but I wanted one copy and end up with this:

I am wondered of one thing:
Is it worth going for him, Even though he is 4⭐ Special? And if Yes, how many orbs should I save, when he is focus Unit?


How much do you like him? I personally really like Sigurd and I like his gameplay since the Divine Tyrfing is amazing, so I would recommend it if you really want to

But it’s up to you. He should be a focus unit on April 11th, which doesn’t give you much time to save since that’s less than two weeks, so it’d depend on how many orbs you have to get the remaining 4 copies, which can really vary in FEH. The four star special rate for a specific unit is extremely small, so I wouldn’t count on that for spooks to deter you from +10ing a unit you really want.


The revival banners are overall the best banners to pull a specific unit, so you’d have a better outcome there than anywhere else if you’re aiming for him. The odds are substantially higher, especially compared to pulling based on 4* special focus, which is a nice mechanic but terrible for sniping.

As was said above, if he’s a favorite, go for it. But there isn’t a ton of time to save before his rerun, and you would have to consider whether he needs to be max merged or if he’s okay as is.


He’s great. Divine + Crusaders Ward = greater DR than Bike, so you can load 100% into his Def. He becomes extremely threatening with double Atk/Def solo, but hes much more versatile than that.


@Dragginz - Yes, he can be Good physical Tank and truck!

@Souljini_Bitchiani; @CrystalElemental - Things are complicated!

From one view - His VA is nice, Has unique skills and works Well currently! (Probably needs DC)

From Other view - I got annoyed, when People were keep asking: “SIGURD ALT WHEN?” And This triggered my hate-ish for FE4/5… And the Revival banner… No idea, if my sources will be enough!

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I can understand that.

Truthfully, he’s great, but not so great that I think he’s required. Seliph has the same weapon and is common. If he’s not a favorite it’s probably not worth it. And you’re decently close, so a couple 4* special focus units and a resplendent (if you get pass) is enough to cap him out. Unless you have the attachment to the character, I say it’s not worth it.


Ya Know? You May be right!

He can be earned easier than before and I am not exactly a fan of him, So… Back to orbs keeping!

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Yeah, then keep him as is at that point if you have disdain towards him and the game. If you change your mind eventually, there will probably always be another banner.



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It’s true I’ve seen numerous people recently on revival banners go from zero to +10 in under 500 orbs in revival banners. I’ve seen two in the last week get 10 copies in around 350 orbs. This would be impossible in any normal banner. So if you want a 5* exclusive revival banners is the way to go.