Potential Røkkr build for Edelgard

So I pulled a +HP/-SPD Igrene last night and I ultimately decided to fodder her to Edelgard for LD4 and Special Spiral. Now, I’m in the middle of piecing together a Røkkr build for her imperial majesty. At the moment, I’m looking at something like this.

Hack is obviously to shut down Røkkr specials and Astra for the massive damage boost. The debating comes into play in her passives.

I’m eyeballing Heavy Blade, since it syncs well with her high ATK and helps mitigate the cooldown on Astra significantly with Spiral’s aid. However, at 33 SPD she’s unlikely to double. Because of this, I’m considering using LD4 and a HB seal instead of Brazen. This would put her up to over 40 SPD (my actual Edelgard is +1/+5 and S-Supported, not base), which would be more condusive to potentially doubling. Alternatively, I could stick with her Victorious Axe, but at the cost of not locking down their Special. With doubles and Spiral, El should be able to fire off Astra every engagement for massive damage (3 after Spiral, 1 after El, ready after counter for Astra on followup).

How would you all suggest I tweak her build to make her more effective against Røkkr bosses? Stick with HB4 for better defenses and easier special? Swap LD4 and HB seal for more frequent bombs? Scrap it all and do something else?

I’ll probably need healer/Eir support whichever way I build her.

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But Astra is a 4 CD special? :feh_confused:
It should be 2 after Special Spiral, meaning you can just forgo Heavy Blade altogether.


Is it? Did they reduce it? I could have sworn it was a 5-turn CD the last time I used it, which was admittedly WAAAAAY back at the beginning of the game. I haven’t really used it.
Or maybe I’m just crossing it over with the Galeforce it morphs into. Again, I never really use Astra. Hell, I don’t really use Glimmer, either.

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Glimmer = 2
Astra = 4
Galeforce = 5

I hope this helps. :catflower:


Ah, back when Sol and Luna were 4CD…
but also jk since they changed that very soon after I started playing


Must’ve been before I started, I don’t remember it. :catsleep:
I am a noob :feh_nino:


Yeah, some CDs were longer at the game’s start than they are now.
I just don’t remember which ones.


Yeah, AoE were 5 I think. So was Astra too iirc


Actually Luna was always 3 CD. In fact, all Luna class specials have had the same cooldown since launch. The Sol class (Daylight, Noontime, Sol), Astra class (Night Sky, Glimmer, Astra) and AoE specials all had their cooldown reduced by one. This was very much needed because these specials were almost always ignored in favor of the Luna class, Ignis class, and Glacies class specials, which had generally stronger effects for equal or less cooldown.


Ah, I didn’t remember exactly
I remember Glimmer being 3CD and Sol being 4CD, that was literally forever ago though

Looks good to me, I do think Galeforce is generally better than Astra though. Would need to replace the B slot of course, but getting to attack twice in one turn is worth more than one stronger hit, I’d say. That said, 33 Spd is enough to double most Røkkrs, honestly.

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That was just a test build. What I’m actually running at the moment in sieges is this.

Paired up with L!iwood and W!Eirika, she’s dealing massive damage, especially with Astra every engagement. The Dancer covers her second attack.

Gave her a Hack-o’-Lantern, but she lacks the SP to learn and SPD refine it.

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If ya say so, good that it’s working. Looks scary :eyes:

The easiest way to deal with rokkr bosses is having a weapon with brave effect + enough spd to quad + galeforce. With this setup and just 1 dancer your unit can attack 12 times per round. If you have color advantage + TA + effective damage it is possible to get 200k by turn 3


Galeforce in general is very good for Rokkr Sieges because of the adds + limited turns. It’s best to use low Attack Galeforcers for this purpose though, since the adds are so weak that you can easily kill many of them in a single hit and not get charges. My Shigure and Lon’qu have put in a lot of work doing that.

It’s best to use high attack galeforcers who can quad. The adds are irrelevant, you don’t attack them with your galeforce (unless you’re in a awkward position where you really need to), you either let them kill themselves by attacking you or kill them with a unit dedicated to killing adds - which you should have, but sometimes he may not be able to reach the add, a good choice is reinhardt.

If you can quad you ALWAYS get galeforce every single turn, without needing heavy blade/flashing blade. Even if you need to kill adds with galeforce, it will always be ready, since after your first attack (4attacks from you +1 from the rokkr) you get galeforce and then you charge it again with the next attack (without triggering galeforce because you can only use it once per turn). If you need to kill an add the following turn, you already have galeforce ready, you can kill the add with 1 hit and get back to the boss.

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Fair, but the adds I have the most issue with are the ranged ones who will knock your Galeforcer out of Guard range in a hurry (then again I’ve been using Lon’qu who is squishy as hell). Unless you have Witchy Wand or Melencholy you can’t completely ignore the adds because once a Rokkr procs a single special it becomes nearly impossible to stop more because of Guard’s extremely narrow HP range (especially since people tend to use Guard 2 in this mode due to Guard 3 being extremely costly in either feathers or Grails). I know it’s IDEAL to continuously attack the Rokkr with Galeforce but it just rarely works out in practice for me.

It depends on the add and the galeforcer (if you have high def and it’s a bow for example, you can let them attack you).

But in general no, I do NOT ignore the adds. In 90% of the situations I have the following choices:
. My dedicated add killer can reach the add - I simply kill the add with that unit
. The galeforcer can counterattack the add, and the add does no enough damage - In this case I do nothing and let him attack me
. The galeforcer cannot counterattack the add, but the add does no damage - In this case I can either kill him or ignore him and wait for a better opportunity to kill him with a different unit
. The galeforcer cannot counterattack the add, and the add deals damage - In this case I kill the add with the galeforcer and get back to the boss
. The galeforcer can counterattack the add and the add deals damage but I can kill it without taking damage if I initiate - I kill the add with the galeforcer and get back to the boss

This covers almost everything that can happen. Once in a while something different happens, like your add killer cannot reach the add and the galeforce cannot initiate/kill the add without taking damage, and then you have to improvise, but almost always you can get out of the situation, even if it requires repositioning of all your units and lose a few attacks. When this happens it is also very common that your dancer can kill the add, so I just position myself in a way that my 2 attackers block the path to the dancer, and the dancer is the only unit in range of the add, then the add will be baited by the dancer. Or sometimes you are close to the damage threshold, or know that you can reach it, and just you accept the fact that you will charge the rokkrs special but keep on attacking.

Also, I strongly suggest having your 4 units organized like this:
2 attackers (1 main attacker and 1 support, or 2 strong attackers doesn’t really matter)
1 add killer (good range helps, I suggest reinhardt)
1 heron dancer