Power levelling optimised?

Power Levelling Pokemon Go

Okay guys, one for the brains trust.

How should I use my gifts to ensure I accumulate the most experience possible?
I wanted to have a look at the most efficient way in terms of XP gain for sending/receiving gifts with friends. I am not sure if it’s been covered in any other threads or videos but please enlighten me if you have info.

The idea is to only level up to a certain point with friends, to find out when you should keep sending gifts and when you should stop and get new friends to repeat the process to achieve the most exp possible.

My spreadsheet shows the player experience gain for specific target friend levels for a period of up to 90 consistent days.

The good friend scenario plays out as a new 30 friends each day to receive gifts from. Each friend gives 3K exp which equals 8.1 million xp over 90 days. This idea is intensive as you essentially will have 2,700 friends to add (only 30 each day) and then delete over that period however it has good return compared to the other friend levels. I have included the 2xp total as well in the spreadsheet however I don’t find it viable to use 90 lucky eggs personally. 16.2 millon xp would be nice though.

The great friend scenario plays out as reaching great friends with 30 people over 7 days, then the next 7 days is a new 30 people, ect, ect. You of course accumulate the 3000 exp and the 5000 exp because you must become good friends before coming great friends. Something to note *The data displayed in the ‘great friend’ column totals to only 84 days instead of 90 because the great friends are achieved in 7 day blocks. So 84 is the largest whole number 7 is divisible by, hence why the exp gain is on the low side. Still, the exp gain is remarkably less with this friendship group. This method is not high enough return compared to the rest in my opinion at 2.05 million exp at 1x exp rate over 90 days and 16 lucky eggs used. 360 new friends must be added this way or 30/week.

The ultra friend. This plays out as reaching 30 ultra friends for 3 months straight for a total accumulation of 5.22 million exp. Only 90 new friends are added. The total exp is doubled by using 2x exp each time a friend is levelled up to be a good, then great and finally ultra friend. A total of 9 lucky eggs are calculated to be used over the 90 day period. 10.44 million exp is gained by using the lucky egg with this method.

The best friend, is it worth it? 90 days straight receiving gifts from the same 30 friends? Using a lucky egg each time you level up, same as the ultra friend. Only 4 lucky eggs required for the 90 day period, provided your friends are consistent with their gift giving. If all goes to plan, a max of 4.74 million with 1xp or 9.48 million with 2xp.

My calculations show that reaching best friends is not the most effective way to accumulate exp. You are also relying on other people to send gifts consistently over a long period of time. This has greater associated risk to not receiving max potential exp. It is however the least intensive.

I am level 34. What I am going to be trying is presumably the most cost effective and method which is reaching good friends only This also provides the most exp. I am not going to invest 90 lucky eggs. For a return of 8.1 million exp over 90 days, it almost doubles the results of the other 1xp results. You can also save your pennies to afford raid passes to further accumulate exp by not using lucky eggs for friend levelling.

One thing to note, I know you can receive and send gifts each day. A total of 30 gifts can be received and there is no limit on how many you can send. A specific friendship can only go up one level once per day, when you or that friend opens his or her gift. Essentially we can receive 30 gifts and send as many as we like daily, provided we have the gifts (a buddy pokemon can retrieve 5 gifts, 3x per day). With this in mind, we can accumulate a lot more exp by receiving AND sending to different friends.

This heightens the risk of going for more than 30 best friends in the 90 days because you are relying on more people to be as consistent as possible over 90 days. The more people you add, the more chance there is that people will quit, and there goes your best friend exp gain.

This is hardly an issue with the good friend scenario because chances are, if you add a player to your list, they will be active the day they’re added and it’ll be easy to get that 3k exp. You can easily add a new friend if they are inactive to get those 30 gifts/day.

To me, it’s morally frowned upon to add a friend and use them as an exp ■■■■■ and delete. Some of you may argue that it’s all about the ride to level 40 and beyond. I am just sick of not having access to XL candies.

Please, let me know of your thoughts and experiences as I am very interested to find out. Try the spreadsheet for yourself too because I wouldn’t mind a lateral view on the totals.

The real question is how are you going to find 30 new friends each day…

If you can find 30 friends that interact with you on a daily basis and you only use 1 lucky egg to get them to best friends you get nearly the same amount of XP.

Finding those friends, be it 30 new each day or 30 that interact with you daily, is going to be your biggest challenge.

Isnt great friends 10k without an egg? Also what level are you trying to hit? I grinded to 40 but now I am taking it with just catching pokemon and opening a few gifts

I think getting to L40 is by no means the marathon it once was, with 1k xp for an excellent throw, 10k for a great friend as you say.

You’re right in that it’s near impossible to get any larger group to Best or even ultra friends consistently. I’ve never been one to have lots of friends, it makes the friend list laggy and inviting 5 friends to remote raiding more difficult.

That said, for the recent Mew research I did shove my friend code onto a good number of pages to rack through the gift sending task. So, in a way I did a mini version of your experiment but from a different motivation and I have at points used friends to boost xp. What I can say is this:

Most randomly added friends will fall away within a day or two, many won’t even open a gift, you’ll likely need to add and cull 40-60 people per day (so 80-120 actions) to keep up your 3k multiples.

Many more people simply just don’t play daily, or have access to gifts to send, so do you keep a good gifter who sends 2-3/wk or ditch them for a new one?

Doing that for every day, for 6 months, which is by your calculations what you’ll need to do from the roughly 5m xp you currently have up to L40 is likely to be attrition on a level with trench warfare in WW1.

My advice, as a heavy duty player who plays a good few hours each day, is to do a combination. Yes you want xp now so you can get xl candy, I get it, you feel like you’re missing out. I found that I only started having excess of anything very recently and I’ve been playing since June 2017.

I mean this wholly constructively so please trust me I mean no offence: You’re L34, I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing but at your level, pure maths says you only have so much stardust, so many pokemon, so much regular candy.

You will likely be dust locked from powering up much beyond L40 anyway, plus getting, say, one machamp to L50 won’t be as beneficial as getting 3 to L40.

Yes, the sooner you get to L40, the sooner you can start racking it up, but what you’re proposing is sacrificing most of 6 months of play simply to get to L40. By all means level up friends for xp, both chunks of rapid good friends and those who stay gifting- remember the long term benefits of friends are the most important; max raid damage and lucky trades, so keep some of your gifts for local friends.

As I said above, xp gathering has come a long way from mass evolving pidgey and weedle, there’s much more natural xp in the game plus friends. Remember a raid hour with a couple of lucky eggs can be good for 100k xp, triple xp community days and double xp spotlight hours etc.

Remember that to go with each of your (currently theoretical) L50 mons, you need a good set of 5 more pokemon, this is a game of slow building, gradual improvement and resource management plus it’s meant to be fun so don’t forget to play the actual game. Hit Landorus-T hard now, it’s 12 5k xp plus it’s a great pokemon every raid, use the events and gather dust, candy, xp, trade candidates, backup pokemon, stuff you just like the look of…

I don’t know where/how you play or what your budget is but my gotcha ranger has been a great little booster. I stick that on while I go round town and I have a bump in my xp and dust as a reward for going shopping.

Hope this helps and that you get to 40 soon.


Although you may want to rush to L40 are you sure you wont be burnt out from the game by the time you do? And what do you want XL for? There isn’t a single raid in this game that requires L50 Pokemon (outside of solos) and believe me when I say you DO NOT NEED XL POKEMON FOR PVP.

If you really want to power level through gifting alone than Good Friends is the way to go but it will be very tedious and don’t be discouraged if you miss a day here and there because it is likely to happen.


If you can’t be bothered reading what I put @Sir_Gwibbles says the same thing in about 10% of the words. Why must I write essays? :rofl: