Second lowest attack my ass.
Ever since I gave him Bonus Doubler, he’s been destroying everything. His power is comparable to Ophelia. OPHELIA.

I’m sorry if I ever doubted you in the past. Back then, I only cared about high attack, high speed, brute force, and similar tactics. But now that I’ve played heroes for about a year now, brute force isn’t everything. So is high attack or high speed. I’m sorry if I ever doubted you, Odin. Have a nice drink as an apology


…I wish you picked something other than low Res red units as examples. I have no doubts that Odin is strong with proper investment, but choosing the most lopsided possible matchups kinda blows your claims out of proportion.
Poor Hinata, getting it especially bad because of his Ruby Sword… And you picked on him twice, too. Did he sleight you or something?

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sorry! These are the onky oics i have , I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY



Whoa, calm down… I’m not mad.

… Here’s him killing Grima:


But that’s a 4 Star M!Grima with probably no Res.

That’s a 4* Grima though, probably from Story missions. :thinking:

How can you tell he’s 4 star?

Also, he’d likely still kill Grima, unless the Grima was surrounded with ward and fortify buffs

Silver around the name.

I’ve literally never noticed that before


Ok, yeah, I’d believe he’d kill Grima as well then

Unless I’m missing something?

Nope, just showing him off, lol.

Can I ask what this Myrrhs build was, if you have it available?

He was in the Training Tower, level 39

Ah, I didn’t pay attention to the build to be honest, lol.

Here: LV. 40, 5 star. YOU HAPPY!?

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Inb4 “That’s a PvE Grima!”

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