Power up a Kingler?

From what I heard, Kingler is a very good Water-type attacker for PvE. My current water team consists of a Lv 30 Kyogre 13a/15/11 that has Surf, a Lv 32 14 attack Swampert with Hydro Cannon, a Lv 30 Shiny Feraligatr 11a/14/15 with Hydro Cannon, a Lv 30 15 attack Gyarados with WF/HP, and a Floatzel with 15a at level 32 with Water Gun and Hydro Pump. I have plenty of Vaporeons at high level that I can use as a 6th slot, but I’m kinds skeptical of the DPS there.

Instead, I have an unpowered Lv 22 Kingler 10a/14/10 with Bubble and Crabhammer, and I have enough resources to bring it to 30. Should I hold off on investment and wait for a better one or power up this one? Thanks!

kingler is very frail, but its #1 in water type DPS and my hundo has served me well. consider leveling to 35 or using tankier options like kyogre and gyarados, or the hydro cannon starters.

Like @eklinka said, Kingler has excellent DPS but relatively fragile. I personally like it very much too, and I usually use 2 in lead position in my raid parties.

That being said, I think you can definitely afford to wait, either for one with more appealing iv, or one of high level to save dust. Water attackers will have very limited raid usage in foreseeable future, because among the rest of Gen 5 Legendaries, only Landorus is weak to Water and it’s 2x weak to Ice. Your current Water team is also already enough to 3-man Alolan Marowak. To significantly improve your performance to do 2-man A-Marowak, you’ll need to bring Kingler, Kyogre etc close to Lv.40.

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It should be possible for you to get a better one, and power that up. I’d like to take advantage of this particular thread to mention that whenever I use Crabhammer, I also audibly yell “CRABHAMMER!” so that the people around me who aren’t playing PoGo snicker to themselves and wonder about my sanity. And then I yell “CRABHAMMER!” again, because it doesn’t take long to charge up another one. Thank you, that is all.


If you have a decent Ice team for Landorous you can wait on powering up Kingler. Otherwise go ahead and power it up and use it as your first Pokemon.

It’s a known fact that you can add “Hammer” to any word and it instantly sounds mighty. Just pick out things in your immediate vicinity and try it. Lighthammer. Girlhammer. Pizzahammer.


I actually did not realize this. Now I KNOWHAMMER!!! Also, everyone who sits around me at the office is inching away from me in a gradual but obvious way.

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