Power up Rayquaza?

Hi, so this might sound like a amateur question, but here goes.
So when Rayquaza was first released, I powered up my best Rayquaza to L29:

And I was fine using it.
But yesterday I caught this:

And now I don’t know whether to power the new 98% Rayquaza and use it or keep the original one, because it has 14 Atk when the original one has 15 Atk and a much lower Defense IV to gain more energy.
So which one to power up?
Reference: This is my Dragon Team.

I have not invested in it much after Palkia left, so they are just around L30. Might power some up when Reshiram/Zekrom gets released though.

In my opinion you should wait for the month to end, you may find a better one and it seems you like to only use 1 Rayquaza so it’s more easy get a 15iv attack with better distribution in defense and hp than the original you lvl up. Who knows? You may get a perfect lucky shiny Rayquaza, doesn’t hurt to dream high.

Drop Palkia and power up the new Rayquaza. This is one of the rare cases where you can use the current legendary raid boss productively now, against itself. Normally, wait until the end of the run is good advice, but here, you can improve your team a fair amount. Also, I’d bat the Salamance ahead of the Dragonites, assuming it has outrage like its name implies. Dialga makes a great anchor.

Further, if you do get a better Rayquaza than a 98% (with a 14 attack), that’s a really good problem to have, and you could power that one up too. It’s hard to go wrong powering up a 98% legendary that you have a use for.

Man I’m in that same boat right now. I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to buy a second move for my best Ray and have AS/OR/AP Ray, but I wanna do it right now and have two excellent ones, one with 14 ATK, one with 15…but no shiny yet. And honestly…I really would prefer to give a shiny that moveset…we’ll see if Wednesday brings me anything…

Do not use Rayquaza against itself. In fact, do not use a dragon team against Rayquaza. Use these instead:

Hence I will wait until the end of the month to power up this:


I’m considering giving my best Ray a 2nd move as well, but Aerial Ace. What were you planning on using the second move for? I can’t think of a reason to unlock either 2nd move for Ray since AP & AA aren’t that great.

Just to make one of the best even better, honestly. Rock has great coverage and AP has the possible Attack and Defense boost in PVP. Ray with a multi-type moveset is more useful to me than Mewtwo with one. Too awesome of a Pokémon to just have a mono Dragon set, especially the shiny.

I second the other suggestions to wait until the month ends. Maybe you’ll get a 98% with 15a, or a high-IV shiny to flex with, or even a hundo.

I did a similar thing to you, but to more extremes. My two best when Ray was first around was an 87% weather boosted with 15a that I maxed and a 91% 15a non-weather boosted sitting pretty at L35 now. Since then I’ve received a lucky hundo (insta maxed) and several 93% and up, including a 96% (13a tho :frowning:) and a 98% 15a. Not to mention my crummy IV shiny that I’m saving for a lucky swap. I’m at a point where I can build an entire team of Rays if I wanted with literally every other dragon serving as a B-Team member. It’s nuts.

Ancientpower if you want Ray to be better for PvP, Aerial Ace so that Ray can be a highly effective Dragon and Flying attacker rolled into one, when needed. Personally, I’d opt for the former, since the latter isn’t really too useful unless you need an extra for Machamp raids and such.

I got a perfect and still waiting until end of month if only to minimize rare candy use. No real need to power up now.


As said earlier you should use Ice type pokémon against Rayquaza and the best of luck to encounter a shiny hundo! I got this bad boy in my team now that I am gonna max out!

Actually the reason I showed my Dragon team is just for reference to what I use vs. Palkia, Latios for example. I use 4 Mamoswines, 1 Glaceon and 1 Gardevoir in my Rayquaza team.

One Gardevoir you say? Not a six ice pkm team?! Heresy!!!


Lol I am too lazy to use a CTM on my IS/FB Weavile (and hell, who knows how much I gotta use to get to Avalanche…)

Weavile is a viable candidate for 2nd charge moving for raid purposes. You could go that route and spend at most one CTM.


True, but

  1. I gotta save dust to max my stuff and
  2. I decided to grab 2 Weaviles for raid purpose. The stronger one has dark moves, so…

Ice is better against Rayquaza if you have it, but the OP didn’t have any Ice on their dragon team. Given what OP was fighting with, Rayquaza was an improvement. Of the powerful Ice pokemon, only Articuno, Cloyster, and Froslass don’t match Rayquaza’s DPS against Ray itself. So if you have Ice powered up, use it. If not, Dragons are second best.

The Gardevoir has terrible DPS. Replace it with Dialga, if not Rayquaza, or almost anything good with an Ice attack.

But why does it matter when 95% of the time I’m fighting in a 20-person lobby PLUS a Best Friend damage boost…
Also 85% of the time here it’s Cloudy too.


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