Predicting Thanksgiving and New Year's 2020 banners

The NA region has had a history of chopping up the JP New Year’s banner from two years ahead and keeping 2-3 of the servants for their own New Year’s banner, while shunting the rest of them to Thanksgiving, with possible minor edits (the addition of Shuten to Thanksgiving 2018, for instance).

Given that we know Japan’s Happy New Year 2018 banner ( ), I’d like to see people’s predictions on what we’ll get for Thanksgiving 2019 and New Year’s 2020. Bonus points if you guess any additional servants that pop out of thin air for Thanksgiving!

My own guess is we’ll keep Musashi, Hokusai, and Melt for New Year’s, with the rest (Moriarty, Scathach, Tamamo, and Gil) going to Thanksgiving. It probably doesn’t get chalkier than this, but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts!

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Dunno if they’ll move Moriarty because he’s had 2 rate ups this year and isn’t that popular.

It’s likely they’ll give us Okita + Hijikata from the KYOMAF banner we skipped + combine the Apocrypha banner into Thanksgiving. We also missed a Da Vinci rate up, but she’s coming back in January.

I honestly don’t think they’ll give us anybody from the new year banner.


Agreed, crash fever is just like this, they’ve finally added first year JP units to NA region 2 years later, cost 60 just a few months ago even tho JP has cost 68. They’re focusing on JP more since thats where they originated from.

I have no clue what you’re talking about.


basically ur chances on getting those certain characters in the next banner is LOW

obligatory Thanksgiving Scathach rate up



Gilgamesh, Archer of Shinjuku, Meltryllis and Tamamo for Thanksgiving for sure.

Mushashi and Hokusai will stay on NYD

Scathach as an extra maybe. Amakusa maybe if the Fate/Apoc summon doesn’t happen.

Given the Banners tbey skipped, the banners until Christmas rerun that MIGHT get skipped, I feel like this years Thanksgiving won’t be the same like the others before. It would be their chance to give us those Servants we “missed”.
It’s also a chance for NA to catch up with JP in terms of New Years.
Practically, it’s just like jakeyb said. It’s more or less unpredictable.

I hope Scathach will be on Thanksgiving, tbh.
Because a) no rate-up CEs increases chance of getting more KScopes and b) having the Abigail/Midrash, Hokusai and Scath banners all centered around NY would make saving up and financial planning for them harder (nevermind I’d have to survive 2 months of gacha withdrawal symptoms, since I don’t plan to roll any of the other 2019 banners or TG candidates).

Looks like @jakeyb is in the lead on this one. +3 points for predicting Okita, Hijikata, and Amakusa from the Apocrypha banner so far!

+2 points to @refiix96 for Gil and Amakusa.

+1 points to me for only guessing Gil, lol.