Predictions - February 2021 Legendary Hero

Psst. Hey you! Yes, you! This is your chance to gain bragging rights and bask in glory for being psychic. :feh_flaynfire:
So the trailer should be dropping in two or so days. Any predictions on who the legendary hero will be for this month?

I for one think we are long overdue for L!Micaiah, although that’s just wishful thinking since I don’t think the patterns point to her.

Just some general facts:

  1. We should be due for an Earth hero based on the rotation.
  2. Since April of last year, with two exceptions, the new hero has color shared with a hero on the banner that marked their first rerun. Example: Seiros debuted with L!Dimitri, who was on his first rerun. So that would point to (but not conclusively) green this month since this is Triandra’s first rerun.

I know it’s super unlikely, but my orbs would be ■■■■■■ if they made Dagr the legendary this month. But she’ll probably be a mythic at some point down the line like every other OC these days.


I’m guessing Micaiah, because I spent a lot to get my Valentine’s Faye completed, and nothing would cause me more immediate emotional damage than Legendary Micaiah dropping right now.

Also I’m betting Colorless. The only unit left for the Colorless pool is Sara. Who showed up last month. It’s way too soon for her to be on a Legendary or Mythic banner. Not to mention I’d be surprised if they did two Green in a row, since next month also has Freyja as the most recent addition. I’m guessing colorless this month and green next.


So for a possible green earth legendary huh?
Legendary Xander wielding Bölverk would be cool.


it can’t be red, and most likely not blue either, don’t know who that would limit tho

I’m expecting either Micaiah or Elincia as a staff, or Claude


I’ll bet green, and male robin. No particularly good reason, but I’m feeling a MC legendary.


but also the only green unit that should be on next is Asbel, who also came out last month

so one of them is on the legendary


Hm… I think from an orb spenditure standpoint, having a green legendary this month and colourless mythic is more enticing for pulling reasons. Meaning more money for IS. And we haven’t had a green legendary since Edelgard. The last 4 were, in backwards order: red, blue, colourless, then red, and Ed. So I think we are due for green. Now watch it be blue… :fgo_meltbirb:


Legendary Claude so the game kicks me in the face :feh_deltheano:
Would really want literally anyone but him because I still dont have Lif but since three houses is the new fates and the game likes my suffering my bet is Claude


Shamir hasn’t been on a Legendary or Mythic yet. So she could easily show up since the rest of that banner has already.

Claude i work at I.S. trust me :ak_mostima:


Elincia because I have a feeling that the Legendary is going to make me want to summon and she’s the only probable legendary this month (not including Claude) that I can think of that fills that category


My prediction… a Male character… why, because every February Legendary has been a Male as of now
Ephraim 2018
Roy 2019
Chrom 2020


well since she was just on a hero fest I’m not sure if they would put her on this one

but ig thats better than sara

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I have a feeling its male corrin because I just spent all my orbs to try and get duo sigurd.

So even though Male Corrin most likely would not sell very well, IS would release him just to spite me.


If it is Claude, someone’s gonna have to remind me why he could fit under an “Earth” categorization.


Hm that’s a cool correlation. Well, if it’s green then, maybe axe Xander then. Any other green thoughts?

Claude clearly rhymes with Earth therefore earth legendary :feh_flaynfire:


Claude is leader of Golden Deer

Deer live in forests, which are green and associated with Earth



The more I think about it, I guess that’s probably going to be the case.

(That said, IS could just do something random and use a special hero to fill in the color, which has happened before - cough, picnic Lukas, cough :feh_disgusting:. Back to back, same-colored mythic and legendary heroes have also happened before. Just food for thought.)