Premature launch of Marill Limited Research?

At 5PM Friday (Thailand time), my Today tab had the Marill Limited Research, which is not supposed to start until Sunday morning. Anyone else see this?

All three reward tabs were “completed” ( ie in orange) and each reward was a Marill. I could not see what the individual tasks were since they were already completed. The rewards for completing this step was: 10 red balls, 500 stardust and 1,000 XP thus not much. The task said “ends in 2 days and xx hours” which is the normally scheduled end time (ie Sunday night). The task disappeared a few minutes later so it appears Niantic retracted the event and that it was indeed premature. I assume the research will be several steps in nature as this appears to be a substantial event … not just 3 Marills and a few balls and dust. Hopefully this will be a chance to catch a bundle of little blue rats.

Yes, a friend of mine (we are both in Australia) got that research and has finished it already. I thought it was odd stacking yet another event on top of the current fairy-fest. The tasks netted her about 8-10 marills I think - she’s already shuffled some along.

It had about 5 or 6 steps.
It was easy enough to complete as long as you have a couple of spawns…or use an incense.

I guess we get to repeat it again on the weekend.

I got it too. Just the first step though.