Premium fodder

i have a list of premium fodder i should honestly just use. idk i guess i was scared of missing out on the perfect build or something. would love some recommendations for fun/unique builds.
3x Owain with wrath and blue flame
1x picnic flora (probably for AR-D atk/res)
2x nailah with DC and Null c-disrupt
2x brave ike for steady breath and aether
1x summer laevatein with mirror impact and odd atk wave
1x kliff for fort def/res
1x tibarn for his everything
2x legendary roy for his bonus doubler (that works with blade tomes right)
1x Duma for solo def/res or bold fighter
1x brave eliwood

extra skills laying around in manuals
3x db4
9x swift sparrow (didn’t realize so many units came with this tbh)
1x DC
4x Bold fighter
2x Vengeful fighter
all sorts of chills, bonds, and a couple of solos
1x each sky and cloud maiougi
2x Aerobatics
1x Wrath, but i might just merge Karla to +1 with my spare owains
a myriad of link/feint skills
4x special spiral
some atk and spd ploy, could get the others through grails
some random waves

i have access to basically all the skills in the game, give me some crazy builds

Well the first question is this: What units would you be giving these skills to?

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Crazy builds huh?

This one has been crazy fun to use:

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Wtf no don’t fodder cute picnic maid for that weak ass skill


No. Bonus Doubler gives invisible buffs based on your current visible buffs. The buffs granted by BD are still invisible buffs, which aren’t factored into Bladetome damage (except obviously attack since it’s attack but that’s obviously not what you’re talking about)

Anna would definitely appreciate Blue Flame and Wrath on a Noatun Bond/Brazen build.


any tbh

Give her Null C too

This would be pretty fun to try out, if you’re willing to fodder Owain Blue Flame can be used in place of Ignis

Edit: may be better with Slaying axe…


Chrom: Am I a joke to you?

Me, desperate for one single SS fodder: # *B R U H

The C skill is flexible, and Olivia can run this too.

I actually want to do this soon.