Preparing for High Mercury

I’m trying to prepare for High Mercury but since it is my first time trying advanced dragon trials, I am unsure on how I should prepare. For wind Dragons to use, I have Zephyr and Roc (Roc can be unbound twice). For wind adventurers, I have Ranzel (would be nice for tanking) and Musashi (which could be good for damage). I am unsure on what to use for weapons and wyrmprints. I would greatly appreciate any advice/pointers to help me beat High Mercury.

Hi there! We can’t know exactly what will be needed for high Mercury until it is released, but we can infer a bit from the other high dragons.

  • We do know Mercury will use bog, so using a bog resistant character will be best. Both Ranzal and Musashi have bog resist so you’re okay there. Between those two I would recommend Musashi. He does very good damage, and Ranzal is outclassed by Lin You. You’ll want them to be promoted to 5* with at least 45 Mana nodes unlocked (you may be able to skip the co-ability+ nodes)

  • There will very likely be a high dragon specific wyrmprints you will need to survive the initial attack. The prints for HMS and HBH cost a total of 660 small medals and 200 large medals of their colors from Imperial Onslaughts

  • You will probably need a Max unbound 4* or 5* dragon depending on the strength requirement. Roc and Zephyr are both great for damage dealers. I’m hoping MUB Roc will be enough for my Lin You as I don’t have Zephyr or the panda , but we’ll have to see.

  • You’ll want your wind altars to be maxed and your dojos for the weapon type you are using to be at least level 16 (15 to 16 has a larger boost than other level ups). You may need more but we’ll have to wait on the actual requirements.

That’s a start. I’d check the gamepress guide for more info.

If you can get one Sunlight Stone (unbinds one 5* dragon) by the 17th, Zephyr might be the better pick. Maxing out the bond of several dragons using clovers is a good way to farm one on short notice, though that depends on your clover stash and roster.

The prime adventurers will likely be Lin You, Lowen, Gala Ranzal, and Maribelle. The first three offer defense and max hp up in both skills and co-abilities, allowing Maribelle to survive the opening blast (though Louise and Elenora might work depending on Mercury’s poison resistance). Other adventurers with full bog resist with Bog resist are Ku Hai, Pia, Ranzal and Musashi, the first needing double wyrmprints to make his really luck based crit set work and the second being bad in general.

Having maxed or almost maxed buildings may not be necessary depending on thresholds. The devs can’t make having the limited wind event facility a requirement, nor can they push it too high even if there is a 5* axe, the healer with the strongest 2nd skill ever and a sword guy with a defense buff. At most, just Lowen’s hp/defense skill. So it is likely going to be possible to get around the opening blast.

Best DPS: Lin You, Gala Ranzal, Maribelle, Musashi
Poison DPS: Eleonora, Louise
Healer: Lowen

DPS Melee Dragons (Attack only): MUB Roc or 2+ Unbind Zephyr
DPS Ranged Dragons (Attack & Hp): High Midgardsormr
Healer Dragons (Hp only): MUB Sylvia or Stribog, 2+ unbind Garuda

Crit/Attack Dragon Long Long is only for Ku Hai, Lin You or bows with a crit chance up wyrmprint for a second, though I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you have Gale of Beauty, then High Midgardsormr can be a great option for high damage during the break state.

From the looks of things as someone who’s beaten it once, and got super close a good number of times, High Mercury has the highest health pool amongst the current advance trial bosses, but also the most easily avoidable damage. Ideally, you’d want to invest in Roc as the damage is more important compared to investing in a dragon to meet HP checks, especially if you have a Lowen that can get to roughly 90% skill prep for the damage mitigation on the initial explosion.

The most difficult part of the fight is knowing when to reposition. All of High Mercury’s moves prioritize the member of your team who’s farthest away from Mercury, so ideally Lowen would be the farthest away that way, if you have a Maribelle, Louise, or Elenora they’d be able to keep damaging.

Since you’ll most likely run Musashi (Ranzal doesn’t have the damage to be viable) the only thing you need to be aware of is when water prison (the hellspawn of stun and curse) procs. Musashi needs to be the farthest away at that point so you’re the one that gets caught, while Lowen pulls back so he aggros the homing bubble that follows it. You’d need to force strike back into your team, so your team would be able to quickly break you out.

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