Preparing for Summer UMU

I plan to use all my quartz for Summer UMU (got around 320 sq and 60 tickets at the moment).
Not sure if you can see this, but on wikia it says that in the first week (Aug 9 - Aug 16) there will be 4 servants rate up (UMU, Fran, Nobu and Nito). As I am only interested in UMU and maybe Nito for medjed reasons, is it correct to only roll on Aug 19 - Aug 20 as the rate up is supposedly only for UMU and Nito?

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Nero’s rate-up won’t really be affected by the date you roll. Since she is the only 5* in rate-up, she gets the full 0.7% while the remaining 0.3% is divided among any other 5* that can be summoned.

But if you also want Nitocris, and only Nitocris, then yes, wait until that date so that she does not share her rate-up with the other 4* Summer Servants.


This, basically. You need to separate the 5* and 4* in the rate up pool; 5* rate will always be 1% and 4* rate will always be 3%, completely independent of each other.

I’d suggest you either roll on the day where the 4* you’d prefer the most as a consolation price is on rate up with Umu (so Nito; 4* solo rate up rate is 1.5%), or on one of the days where all three 4* are on rate up with her to maximise your chances of not getting an off-banner 4* (you will have lower chances of Nito, but the chances of either Nito/Fran/Nobu combined (3 x 0.7% = 2.1%) are higher than for Nito alone). Either way, the rate for Umu will always be 0.7% no matter what day.

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Thanks for the feedback! Understood, so if my goal is Nero, then it doesn’t really matter when I roll.
Please wish me luck in summer then! I will also pray for your success.


Must save for best girl nero