Preparing my earth season team

With me saving up to get the last 5 merges on my L!Claude, I’m thinking about ideal units to fight alongside him.

My first choice was winter Felix, as I have the resources to do a pretty nice far save build (although divine codes are needed for deadeye).

As for the other unit, I was thinking of using Arden, due to his impressive bulk (plus, follow up ring allows him to score the same as a 175 bst unit). The main problem is my lack of near save fodder. I COULD swap out my Flame Emperor from water season and do a similar build perhaps.

However, I’m aware that unit BST will likely increase very soon (what with CYL5 happening very soon), so I’m also thinking about waiting to see if more ideal high scoring units show up.

Reckon these two builds would be a good idea? Or are there some better options out there?


Could we see your list of +10’s? Easier to create a comp from what you have then to suggest 100 things you may not have.

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Here’s my current +10 units:

I tend to be quite stingy with resources, which is why I don’t have the widest selection of units, especially high scoring units.

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Arden/near save, Felix/far save, Claude, and LynJa. Ground orders on one of the fliers, guidance on another, and armor march seal on one of the armors for max movement potential. Totally cancerous team right there…

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He needs room for a bonus unit
One of those (not Claude) has gotta go
It would be a cancerous team to fight, yes, but it’s no good for Arena offense (and getting successful Arena defense only gives a minor feather reward anyway)

So which unit would be best to swap out for the bonus unit? I get ninja Lyn is busted, but I’d be unable to do near save + far save shenanigans.

Although perhaps Arden could be replaced, as I don’t quite have near save fodder yet.

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Even without Near Save, I think running the two armors together is a pretty good idea. Armors are a gigantic pain in the butt to get around in any mode, and having Armor March is a huge boon when you have no movement assists.

Also looks like Lynja is part of your Water team, and you would have to rebless her every few seasons.

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