Presidents' Day 2020 Tribute: Edison's Inferno!

  • Watch out! It’s the Noble Phantasm of Learning with Manga’s Rider!!!
  • This is more or less what happened exactly.
  • The lab wasn’t well insured against fire damage due to Thomas believing his reinforced concrete buildings to be nigh-inflammable.
  • Edison, his family, and his staff did what they could to save precious assets from the facilities in the fire’s path. Mina herself kept going in and out of the Labs’ general offices to retrieve important documents until the fire reached that building too.
  • Edison put a brave face during the blaze. When it was clear that they wouldn’t be able to halt it before it did major damage but before they knew that at least half of the facility would remain, he said the above quote. He even told his son that the fired would help them get rid of some “old rubbish”. And he probably believed both of the things he said to an extent.
  • He even had a rather ruefully humorous quote for the press when they finally arrived: “I am pretty well BURNED OUT tonight, but tomorrow there will be a mobilization and the debris will be cleared away if it is cooled sufficiently, and I will go right to work to reconstruct the plant.” For this apparent unflappability in the face of what seemed like utter ruin (the papers had a field day with this incident), the New York Times made a special editorial about Edison titled, “Abnormality Like His a Blessing”.
  • True to his word, he immediately had his employees and their pertinent equipment move to undamaged buildings or other temporary working facilities to get his operations running again. No one, not even the 72-man on-site firefighting team that couldn’t stop the initial conflagration, was fired.
  • The exact cost of the damages incurred have ranged from as low as $900,000 to as high as $7,000,000 in 1914 money. That’s $23,217,390 to $180,579,700 in today’s prices at the time of this writing. Accounts (if you’ll pardon the pun) vary.
  • With a small loan from Ford, Edison was able to get his improvised labs running at full cylinders, accruing about $10,000,000 in revenue in 1915. Triumphant in a vacuum, if a little bittersweet in context of what was happening across the pond.
  • The sole casualty of the West Orange Fire was one Willian Troeber, who rushed back into a burning building with a fire extinguisher because he erroneously believed that some of his coworkers were still inside.
  • Upon hearing about the West Orange Fire, Tesla sent Edison a telegram saying: “As one of the millions of your admirers, I send you my sympathy. It is not only a personal and national loss, but a world loss, for you have been one of its greatest benefactors.”
  • This comic was nearly just the last two panels, but I thought a little edutainment would heighten the comedy in the end.
  • It’s a real shame that Edison wasn’t part of your posse in the Russian Lostbelt. As a fellow part-beast, electricity-obsessed, vulgarly-dressed leader of a nation, he would have made a wonderful foil to Ivan, who even shares his color scheme to an extent. Blue Collar vs. Aristocrat. President vs. Monarch. Science vs. Magic. Agnostic vs. Religious. Edison’s own superhero aesthetic (and Caster Class) could even make Ivan the Doomsday to his Superman.
  • On a more serious note, with over a dozen anti-Russian presidents swimming around in his Mystic Code, the typically unwarlike Edison would initially be gung-ho about getting a chance to blow up the whole parallel universe until the scrappy nobility of the local Yaga (and reminding himself that Helena was also Russian) would cause him to have second thoughts.
  • I hope you enjoy the “star formation” of the American Servants in the last panel.
  • Happy Presidents’ Day! Have some memes!


Were this another period, I’d celebrate as one would be expected to on such an occasion, but “celebration” and “tribute” are not the words on my mind on a day like this atm so I shall instead wish everyone a “Happy Presi-king’s Day!” I’ll take a lion head over a lyin’ one any day


Aaaaand the topic became a politic one. Woohoo… :roll_eyes:

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Wow, that president chart doesn’t look to much like democracy. Fun post though.

I mean, it’s really strange that someone in charge didn’t consider the particular political events going on in the U.S. right now. That geopolitical insensitivity has lead then to somewhat dangerous waters (for then).

Edit: That’s all I’ll say though. (The unaware ones will research.)