Previous Egg Possible Hatches

I’ve got some older (2018-2020) 5k eggs from well before when they started letting you know the “possible hatches” from them. Is there a list somewhere online that can tell me if any of these are worth the time investment in hatching? I know they’re 5k, so I would guess probably not, but who knows, maybe something semi-rare could be a possibility (i.e. Togepi). Thanks if you can help me find out anything about these eggs…lol

Maybe the leekduck or silph archives? That’s where I’d start. Personally I’d just bite the bullet and hatch them - the variations over the years, event vs non-event etc, you could spend longer researching them than it would take you to hatch them.

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I assume you took a massive break from the game? :thinking:
For real though, just hatch them, otherwise they‘ll stay in there for another couple years. As Oaf said, trying to search up what was hatchable in what time period would probably take more time than just slapping them in the incubator.

I feel you, but I don’t want to hatch idk, a Rattata or whatever…but if they had a chance at something decent, I’ll be more likely to hatch them. If they’re just “random” eggs, I’d rather keep them to laugh at.