PRF Wars: Blue Tomes

Hello, and welcome to the… seventh? PRF wars! This will continue with Blue Tomes, and will be somewhat like S-Boy-Nasty’s Husbando Wars and TMFM’s Waifu wars. All swords will be compared, then all lances, axes, etc.
Then, all the winners will be compared to find what the most powerful PRF is in FEH!

This is not based on how good each weapon is on their respective unit, but how good they are in a vacuum. Refinable weapons are allowed to have their +Eff refines accounted (if you think they are better than the base). Supportive weapons are judged on both their supportive and weapon capabilities.

Only pick a TOTAL of 5 options among ALL polls!

  • Aura
  • Book of Orchids
  • Dark Aura
  • Death
  • Dire Thunder
  • Fimbulvetr
  • Flower of Joy
  • Huginn’s Egg
  • Imbued Koma
  • Ivaldi
  • Missiletainn
  • Mjölnir
  • Odin’s Grimoire
  • Prayer Wheel
  • Sagittae
  • Tactical Bolt
  • Thani
  • Tome of Thoron
  • Virtuous Naga

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  • Weirding Tome
  • Worldsea Wave

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Laegjarn shall cleanse the blight of the world in a wave from the sea

Everybody misses this every time lol

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Prayer Wheel on non-dancers :feh_azura:

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Prayer Wheel on Rinea though

No one would use her still

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Why Is Death not ranked higher?

Too much recoil imo, and not as good as other weapons here

But if we’re talking about it being “in a vacuum” then wouldn’t Death, a tome that doesn’t even give recoil unless you attack, be a good thing?

I dunno, the whole “in a vacuum” makes it difficult to really say what weapons are actually worth voting for. :man_shrugging:

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What’s the purpose of a weapon you’re not attacking with?

Aside from the obvious Prayer Wheel

I mean if a melee unit is attacking you and you don’t have CC, then you don’t take recoil. It combined with Mystic Boost makes it a pretty decent heal tactic against dragons.

When’s the Staff PRF War? :feh_humblecurate:

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We only have like 5 prf Staff weapons

Edit: actually, I think we have 4.


And no one should vote for Veronica’s out of protest cause it stole Sothe’s Peshkatz effect.


I’m surprised Prayer Wheel is doing so well. It’s only good on a dancer, and is only half the reason why L!Azura is so good (gray waves being the other). But stuff like Missiltain and Dire Thunder being so high is expected. Also kinda surprised Thani isn’t higher. Duel effectiveness is really good.

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I think people are voting because of the unit it’s on rather than the weapon itself.

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Or I’ll vote for it anyway because it’s a good weapon regardless of who has it

Seems pretty situational. You shouldn’t be trying to tank hits without CC

Yeah. Even though it literally says not to.

If Death only gives Recoil if you don’t attack then why would I not have her tank melee units without CC?
You still get the boost to stats.