Prism Shop CE Overview and Tier List

Thanks to everyone who has been contributing feedback! We won’t all agree on the same priorities, but I’ve already been able to make some improvements based on your contributions.

My goal here is to create a (relatively) brief reference to help newer players make purchasing and placement decisions for utility CEs. Tier ratings are, of course, my own, and mileage may vary depending on what each player prioritizes. I’ll provide some context for my ratings in the write-ups.

The following CEs are, for the most part, purchased with Mana Prisms, though Rare Prisms may be required to unlock them in the MP shop if one has missed their initial run.

Edit: I won’t be talking about event CEs in the RP shop, like Fondant. This particular list is only for CEs with utility like bond gain, QP gain, and so on.

All effects are listed at Max Limit Break (for those that aren’t automatically MLB)! Please never put these CEs on your support list if they are NOT MLB.


Effects: +15% Bond Points earned when borrowed/+5% Bond Points earned when owned

Why: this is the CE to borrow from friend support when you do not need to borrow a CE with starting charge or other bonuses. Although the bonus is less for the copy the player owns, the community as a whole depends on other players having this up on their support lists. Not having this CE and/or placing it strangely will likely result in reduced FP income.

Support List Placement: you can’t go wrong matching this with the supports who are in high demand, namely Castoria. For Castoria in particular, I highly recommend putting her in Caster because most players expect to see support Casters with CTT there and may overlook yours if you put her in All. On the other hand, All is a convenient spot for non-system CTT picks like Douman, especially since it’s the very first icon from the left and will be chosen frequently by players who prioritize these Servants.

Effect: +10% Bond Points earned (same whether borrowed or owned)

Why: this is the best CE you can equip for yourself for bond gain, and it’s a reasonable backup choice on support (although no one will choose it if they have their pick of the same Servant with CTT instead, so don’t bother putting this on, say, Castoria).

Support List Placement: as mentioned above, don’t put it on currently popular support Servants, because no one will choose it. It’s mainly for use in your own party these days, but you can place it where you would have liked to spare a CTT but can’t or won’t. E.g., if your friends want Castoria, Merlin, and Douman with CTT, but you want to keep Skadi available in case someone needs her, you might at least put this on her so that they get most of the bond benefit if they choose to borrow her.



Effect: +50 Bond Points earned (this bonus is flat, is not percentage-based, and cannot be further modified)

Why: 50 BPs doesn’t sound like that much, but it’s better than 5% for all currently available Free Quests and most quests in general, and the party cost is low. If you can spare the RPs, it’s worth getting if you will consistently slot it. Note that this CE is MLB’ed upon purchase.

Support List Placement: generally, don’t. No one will borrow this over CTT unless perhaps they are running a very low-level quest repeatedly, in which case they will probably borrow the similar CE for flat Friend Point gain.


Effects: +5% Bond Points earned/+5% QP earned

Why: this CE offers the two useful effects with a pure ATK bonus (up to 2k at lvl 100), making it a mainstay for bond farming teams and for QP farm.

Support List Placement: this CE is unlikely to get you any significant amount of FPs; I admit that I’ve never borrowed it, myself. There’s no reason to borrow it when CTT is out there, and if you want to focus on QP farming, you’re looking for a different CE on this list…


Effect: +15% QP earned when borrowed/+5% QP earned when owned

Why: although QP farming becomes less of a priority if one engages with lottery and raid events, there will almost certainly be times (especially as a newer player) when one wants to hit the QP dailies, and this is what you need to borrow for maximum benefit.

Support List Placement: most players expect to see this in the Rider slot for a couple of reasons. 1) the QP dailies are always Caster enemies, and the game by default shows you the Rider list; 2) the Caster slot is more likely to have CTT except sometimes during 1/2 AP dailies. Now that we have triple support lists, making a copy available in Caster isn’t a terrible idea, but I would avoid putting it on Castoria unless you know for a fact that your friends depend on this for their QP farming, because many players outright ignore those dailies and want only CTT Castoria.

MONA LISA (ML) image

Effect: +10% QP earned (whether borrowed or owned)

Why: same relationship to Bella Lisa as Chaldea Lunchtime has to Chaldea Teatime. This is the copy you most want to prioritize in your own party, though of course you can and should field both this and BL if you want to maximize QP gains from a quest.

Support List Placement: this CE is not a priority for support lists. No one will borrow it when BL is on offer, and bond gain CEs like CTT are in much higher demand, anyway.



Effects: +5% Bond Points earned/+5% Mystic Code XP earned

Why: because +5% bond and because Mystic Code XP is nice to have if you are actively working on a doozy like Arctic. With this CE, you can have your tiny cake and eat it, too.

Support List Placement: irrelevant, because no one will borrow it.


Effects: +5% Bond Points earned/+5% Master XP earned

Why: it’s one of several +5% bond CEs and thus has a place in most bond farming parties. The Master XP portion is fairly irrelevant, though technically it offers some benefit whenever the Master Level cap is raised, like it was recently.

Support List Placement: no one will borrow it.



Effects: +5% QP earned/+5% Master XP earned

Why: it fits into QP farming parties because of its +5% bonus. The Master XP bonus isn’t very important. However, you might prefer to prioritize some bond gain, especially Chaldea Lunchtime, over an extra 5% QP.

Support List Placement: no.


Effects: +5% QP earned/+5% Mystic Code XP earned

Why: as with Take Romance, this is one of the options for further boosting QP gain when needed. Just like Take Romance, however, you might want to swap it out for something that offers a greater bonus to bond or another resource you prioritize.

Support List Placement: no.

[Honorable Mention]


Effect: +75 Friend Points from using Friend Support (automatically MLB)

Why: after some discussion, I’ve decided to give this CE its own listing. I do not use this CE or recommend that most players do so, but a player less focused on bond gains and looking either for something to fill a gap in party cost or for a way to supplement their FP income so that they can roll the Friend Summon for more Servant Coins they can use for creating Holy Grails (future update) might be interested. I would stress that this is a niche pick and shouldn’t be considered until after higher-priority CEs have been acquired.

Support List Placement: I wouldn’t, but if you have friends who are on the same page with you and don’t care as much about bond, you can help each other out.


EVERYTHING ELSE (Friend Points earned, Mystic Code XP earned, Master XP earned, various combinations thereof)

Why: all of these are extremely niche. Worse, they compete for slots with bond gain CEs, of which there are many.

Friend Points - unless you are playing in a very specific way and to the exclusion of arguably more important priorities, this is not a useful area to prioritize.

Mystic Code XP - you will eventually reach a point where all of your Mystic Codes are leveled with long stretches between new MCs. MC XP takes care of itself and doesn’t need to be rushed at the expense of bond.

Master XP - it’s worthless. Just playing the game will level you up just fine.


Use '# ’ before those tiers to make them big if you didn’t already know.

Please and thank you.


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Thanks for the reminder! I was trying to remember how to do that.

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I am actually glad I rushed mc exp at the expense of bond by using personal lessons. Removing the artificial constrain of “This comp needs plugsuit but it’s maxed and artic is still lvl 7 :fgo_ibarakipanic:” has been incredibly freeing. Though I did my heavy mc leveling before bond 10+ was a thing and was on track to waste bond exp if i rushed bond too aggressively, but I still highly value not needing to balance which mc needs leveling vs which mc would suit the team best despite how much mc exp has been wasted in ~18 months since completing my mc’s.

Might at least give a small nod to Beginning of the Journey. At 3 cost, it is easier to slot than any 5% bond ce at 12 cost, allowing fo a nice little +75 fp bonus for you (and your friend) while having party flexibility to bond more gold servants you want bond on (for coins, sq etc) vs the bronze servants you don’t care about. No it will never be as effective as lottery farming in gaining fps, but more FPs is more ce exp and more grail casting coin


My feelings on Mystic Code XP haven’t changed much over the years. After I finished Arctic and everything else without having used a single Mystic Code XP boost, I never looked back. I do understand that some players find it satisfying to finish them faster, but I can’t escape the feeling of speeding to wait at a red light.

I almost did give a nod to Beginning of the Journey, but I decided against it since there is a wide array of bond gain CEs and because it’s such a useless bonus unless you are structuring your AP to run as many quests as possible for maximum FP gain.

If there’s one thing I’d like newer players to take away from this is that bond utility is more important than anything. Advanced players know enough to pick and choose from among their CEs and prioritize differently based on personal preference, but bond is objectively the most useful, at least assuming that players care about the Servant Coin system, earning bonus rewards, and/or obtaining bond CEs (the latter is not generally useful right now, but it is rumored to become so with some future update).

…meanwhile T1ish buying every CE from the prism shop except those 5 YP ones
I’m insane but not batshit crazy.



I know of one master who does that… No, I’m more meaning situations like: I can’t afford a cost 12 ce, or if I do I have to replace my grailed welfare that needs bond for append with this 2 star I don’t care about, so might as well get something for 3 cost than either nothing or bond on the wrong servant to get a smidgen more bond on the others.


Personally, I’d the swap CTT and Fou placements. CTT is ultimately just a variable (erring on unreliable) friend point generator, whereas Fou offers a more useful QP gain and some actually-useful combat stats, both for new players with less-reliable frontlines and old players looking to 6-slot.

Also, not including the rest of the RP CEs is a bit deceptive.


Which ones you do think need inclusion? There are a lot of CEs, and many of them fall under that umbrella of things I don’t think are very useful to most players.

(Wait, were you expecting to see buyouts of old event CEs that were later added to the RP store?)

By Fou, do you mean CLT? I gave them both S ranking on my list, because I think they are equally important in the end and should both be acquired.

I think Outrage and Sweet Crystal are probably better than the B-tier picks, but even looking at them less favourably, they’re at least worth highlighting over the D-tier stuff.

Ah, I mean Detective Foumes. CLT doesn’t match my description at all :fgo_bblaugh:


I see. Yeah, I’m not covering the old event CEs. That list would just be too long with all of this stuff included. I added a disclaimer to the original post so that it would be less “deceptive.” Yes, that’s my bitch brow aimed at you.

As for Foumes, the QP gain portion is of very low value unless you are farming a QP-rich quest, and new players aren’t likely to maximize the ATK benefit for some time to come. Native CTT gives the most important benefit of Foumes and allows the player to attract and retain friends better. I rate the overall priority to be higher.

Seconding this. I don’t suggest it over CLT, CTT or HSP and unless you are new and QP starved, it could well see more use than BL or ML. Probably better to wait for the next lottery than farm doors :man_shrugging: I use BotJ in almost every comp thanks to it’s low cost. FP is way more valuable now than it used to be, so I think it’s taken a greater importance.

I’m also not sure CLT and CTT are on par with each other. Clearly, CLT>CTT since CTT is for your friends. I very rarely equip my own CTT.


It’s good to hear everyone’s opinions even when we don’t agree. Perhaps especially when we don’t agree, or the conversation would be boring.

I cry at the loss of bond, though. I’d sooner adjust my party cost slightly to allow for 6-slot bond than equip BotJ.

If you got no CTT, you’re going to have a harder time making friends, especially as a newbie, unless you have most of GP on your list already. That’s why I think they are of roughly equal importance. I use my own CTT all the time.

Besides, if we think that BotJ is important for FP gain, we shouldn’t be discounting the FP income from CTT, either, as small as it is compared to a good lottery season.


Yeah, I know this is where we differ. I’d rather cram as many favourites into my line-up as possible, rather than focus bond on to a few. With BotJ, I can go with 5 SSRs and 1 SR. Full bond comps frequently feature low rarities and I just don’t see the point of it myself.

Definitely not! CTT is still the second best CE you can buy, I just think BotJ could be as high as 4th, depending on how new you are.


I didn’t push this point in my opening post because I gave the nod to newbies (most of us here already know what we want to use and have bought it), but realistically, most of us with developed rosters are not anywhere close to hurting for FPs.

The argument has been made before that the added trickle of FPs from BotJ could help some players afford an extra grail or something per year once we get Grail Casting, which is the only gameplay reason I can think of to use it. Maybe those who are focused on getting as many grails as possible, above other priorities, and who aren’t able or willing to go hard on lotteries would benefit.

I think I will add BotJ to the original post as a special mention, with Grail Casting in mind.


FGO: Friends are bought, not made. :fgo_gudako:


It’s the soundest advice, I have this up on my Castoria but she doesn’t get picked much. However, I wish some of my friends put this CE on their list, even if not on a meta support or a support in general.
I want to farm Fuyuki XF, but I feel bad borrowing CTT while knowing that there is a better CE I could have borrowed.

If you are one of my friends on GP, please consider putting this CE somewhere on your list during dead week and tell me via in game message or here on GP. Iguarantee you that your FP income will skyrocket!


If they gave us more than a handful of characters to talk to each other in-game, this might not be as true.

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You can still get a lot of friend requests if you MLB event gacha CEs. I didn’t have CTT for over a year and I was still capped with FR requests. It’s usually the long time players that care for CTT.

I am looking forward to finally completing Inspector Fumes, it come out around the time I joined and only managed to get one copy of it the first time around.