Probailities in legendary raids (are my acc's unbelievably lucky or am i just to dumb to calculate)

So apparently a shundo from a legendary raid is 1/4320 and a normal hundo 1/216

I did a raid with 2acc and got on my main a shundo darkrai and on my 2nd a hundo. (on the same raid)
Does that mean that i got 4320x216 = 1/933,120 Or am i dumb?

I also had back to back to back shinys on legendary raids which is 20 X 20 X 20 so 1/8000 or am i wrong?

Both calculations are correct

I’m assuming you did these raids 6 months ago since Darkrai isn’t in raids right now. When Shiny Darkrai was first released the shiny rate was boosted to 1/20. You still got very lucky with the 100 IVs though.

Say Goodbye to the other legendary then, the RNG does not stay with you forever.