Problems with DPS/TDO spreadsheet

Hello everybody, I am building a spreadsheet to analyze and predict my pokemons’ performances in PvP. I had a look at the comprehensive spreadsheet by gamepress and the formula, but I find some results that are completely different. Can you please help me to correct my calculations?

For exemple Lugia ES/SA is given with 16,50 dps and 620,3 tdo, in ML.

According to formulas explained here:

and here

I try to calculate dps with the following formula:

DPS=Fdps+Feps x Cdpe

So, for the fast move I calculate:

ST=TDO/DPS (in spreadsheet)

Fdmg=0,5 x Fpwr x (A+15)/200 x stab x 1,3+0,5


Mod Feps=Feng/Fdur-0,5 x Ceng/ST
=10/1,5-0,5 x 45/37,6=6,07

For the charged move I calculate:

Cdmg=0,5 x Cpwr x (A+15)/200 x stab x 1,3+0,5

n=(3 x ST x Feps-3 x 0,5 x Ceng)/Ceng

Mod Cdmg=Cdmg x (n-2)/n
=65,4 x 13,21/15,21=56,8

Cdpe=Mod Cdmg/Ceng=56,8/45=1,26

So finally I have

DPS=Fdps+Feps x Cdpe

But this result is quite different than the 16,5 dps shown in the gamepress’ spreadsheet.

Please can someone explain me where I am wrong? Thank you in advance and sorry for may bad english

I see Lugia’s DPS and TDO are 9.455 and 355.4 in the PvP mode. How did you get 16.50 dps?

I did a mistake. DPS 9.455 and TDO is 355.4, so a ST of 37.6. So every calculation is still good, and the result of 12.32 DPS is still quite far from the 9.455.

However, working more on the formulas, I think that the problem is that the spreadsheet doesn’t use the 1.3 pvp multiplier for damages. Is it possible?