Problems with friends

Now the title may seem confused, I’ll explain it for ya. When there are friends in your list quit the game, you usually have to delete them from your friend list for more active players. But if that friend has a good roster, you’ll feel hesitate, right? I have one namely grey bear and here is his roster:

He hasn’t logged in for 19 days but I feel bad if I had to delete him tho :disappointed_relieved:
Has anyone encounter such thing like this before? What did you do at that time?


Just save him lol :anchin_sama:


Delete without hesitation.

I rather give the space to someone active, regardless if their roster is good or bad.


When people are not active, their support will less likely show up in your support list, unless you’re spamming that refresh button just to look for them. So you would rather look for another active person with decent support

Typically your support will always show the most active players first


Usually I’ll wait for at least 1 month or 30 days. Reason is he probably busy with RL, event not interested for him or something. And after 30 days not login only then I’ll delete him


But @Yuura never shown up at my support list… This is the most mysterious things happened to me


he doesn’t exist, so that’s normal :medusalily:


I didn’t even exist in the 1st place :rofl:


@Mata-Hari-Boy better not quit! Too reliant on his bonkers Raikou :rofl:

I’m fairly ruthless at culling friends who don’t log in, that being said no whale on my friend list has ever quit as far as I can recall.


Don’t worry xD
I am not planning on quitting
Ah and about raikou,one more kaleid and i shall give her an mlb one


No mercy’-’)

If my friend doesn’t login in 2 days, unfriend.

3 days if they has a good support list

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I had one friend logged out for 200 days before I culled them.



If it’s not a friend I know (GP or elsewhere) or whos Servants I’ve been using quite often, I delete them as soon as they miss one day.
It most likely sounds harsh and probably even stupid, but I have no use for people who don’t at least log in every day. I won’t see their supports anyway.
Though, it also depends. I only check my Friend list occasionally. Plus I have 20 Requests every day, so I can pick my friends however I want.
I try to balance it between at least 20 to 30 whale-friends for the Merlin/Tamamo/Waver-Support with MLB BP-CE and Riders with MLB Mona Lisa.
The rest can be everything else. Mostly lower levels or obviously F2Ps sincs they give me quite a lot FP.

I have about 10 who have been with me for about 2 years so I plan to keep them on for at least 1 year of inactive status, I had someone come back after 10 months so I just rounded off the criteria to 1 year, others I just give a month’s chance and boot them.

Every tine I see one of these threads it makes me feel better that I log in every few days. I wouldn’t want to be on someone’s friend list if they’d get rid of me in a day or two of inactivity.


it’s not like i would ever delete you xD

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With that kind of support, he’d have been deleted within 10 days.

Aha got ya :anchin_sama:


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I think I have 3 -5 friends on my list with good rosters but haven’t logged in over a year (one started playing again after over a year so it was good I kept them around). I only start deleting players when I don’t have space and I have friend requests. At that point I look at last login time, support levels, and what servants are in the roster.

New players who haven’t logged on for a long time probably aren’t coming back so I start with them and work up.

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