Profession Comparison

One thing of note when comparing the 3 professions is the non-base bonuses one gets from effects. For example, in the comparison Magizoologist is listed at 59 Power, but that’s really not accurate since they get +40 for Focus >= 5 and +10 for >50% Stamina. Two things easily controllable by them solo. So realistically, a Magizoologist has 109 Power (once he has Become the Beast) because he’s not going to expend focus, and starts with 5 Focus when properly updated. He should also make it a point to keep his health above 50%, as it gives him both Power % Defense benefits.

Honestly, I’m struggling to see the benefit of the Auror beyond the low-level game. Once two events come around giving the max 15 restricted books each, a Magizoologist should have superior Stamina, Power, Defense, Protego and Deficiency Defense. All the Auror has is Precision / Crits and Foe Debuffs. Sure, those latter ones are nice, but that makes the Auror a purely support character whereas it was billed as the DPS guy…


are you ignoring the fact that aurors have 60% crit rate ( and 95% against dark wizards) and 120% crit power at the start of the fight ? and 15% more crit rate and 22 more crit power ALWAYS against magizoo? No, magizoo would have a good attack stat but the doesnt make him better DPS than the auror. And by the way, profesors, even after the nerf to deteroriation hex, are neareer of aurors in term of DPS

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I’d disagree. Auror’s have a 35% Crit Rate. +35% vs. a Full Health Enemy. +25% vs. Death Eaters. So yeah, that 1st shot vs. a Death Eater is a 95% Crit Rate. But against anything else, only that 1st shot is 70% (great vs. Oddities in the field, but not all that vs. high-level fortress battles where an enemy has 2000+ Stamina.

Magi’s can hold their own against anything if needed. That’s the point I was making. With an all-the-time 109 Power, 525 Stamina, & 71% Defense, they’re all around superior to the Auror’s 100 Power, 296 Stamina, & 39% Defense. An extra 15% Precision & 22% Total Crit vs 5 of the 6 Enemy types just doesn’t balance it out. I mean, you do the math and yeah, over time the Auror does 142 DpT vs. the MagiZ 130 DpT. So yeah, Auror does 9% more damage. Plus the big 1st hit. And that’s cool and all. But does it really balance 229 (77%) more Stamina, and 32% more Defense?

Again, they’re superior power wise vs. Death Eaters and Dark Wiz. Just like Magi gets similar buffs vs. Erkling (134 Total Power) & Spiders (91% Total Defense). But when you look at non-specialized matchups, The Auror just doesn’t have enough oomph for those high-level, 4+ player fortress levels that the MagiZ does.

Then again, I guess Auror’s expect MagiZ’s to sit back drinking Invigoration Potions and Rez’ing them after they keep getting 2-shot to death :wink:

And I held off on this response because I wanted to get real game experience and not just base it off conjecture. By L30 a good MagiZ that’s done 3 Brilliant Events and is running MagiZ (L8) is easily capable of dropping Forest V w/ an off-type Elite (In my case it was a near 2000 HP Elite Dangerous Pixie, ouch) solo. Did it with over a minute left. Only needed 4 Heal Potions for an 8/8 Battles to be won.

By Contrast, good Professors & Aurors at the same Level / Class Level are struggling with Forest II & III, often needing to expend a lot of potions when any elite shows up, let alone one that is a weakness-typed elite.

Given the ease of Forest V and that I ran into about the worst Elite I could encounter, I’m confident that Dark I shouldn’t be an issue. Just saying that solo-wise, I haven’t seen other classes show the ability to execute these levels with the same ease.