Professional Arknights 6* Tier List (Update April 2022)

-Use for Low Deployment Clears
-Use In High Risk CC (R18+)
-Use in Events
-Use in Low Operator Clears
-Usage in Low Deployment Clears

X-Axis: General content viability
Y-Axis: Max Difficulty Content


Isn’t this basically NGA CN tier list?

What’s the difference?


International Players Are Foolish… Everyone Being Allowed To Vote Causes Inconsistencies. I Have Corrected Some Of Their Mistakes. It Is Better.

Can you elaborate more about how is your tier list is better than nearly 1000 of CN players tier list :fgo_gudako:

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Chinese Players Tend To Be Blinded by Recency Bias. I Try To Keep Things More Objective And Consider All Forms Of Content. For Example, Ch’en Is Used In Many Max Risk Clears, Which Is Why I Rank Her More Viable.

I don’t see any difference between your guard Ch’en and CN tier list Ch’en since they’re in the same spot, and can you give me some example on when was Ch’en got used in max risk CC? And if she’s more viable in CC, why is she still that low?


What makes you rate Fartooth so high? I’ve had her for a day and I love her, but I still wouldn’t say she is on that side of both General and Specialized use.

Magallan is hard to rate. On paper she should be great in most special use (but not in low deployment clear). In reality though I don’t bring her to CC anymore, even if it had a squad size reduce risk. On this I understand both tier lists.

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Fartooth Is Simply Powercreep Schwarz, Dealing 5k Per Hit Rather Than 4k. Schwarz Is Already An Existing Meta Operator So Her Placement Is Easy To Explain. Magallan Is Not Good Anymore Due To Enemy Bind Resistance.

Y-axis should be renamed in my opinion. There’s no way it reflects max difficulty, since CC exists.

In R28+ Thorns is less likely to be used than Mostima, Chen and Eunectes etc. If Y axis was indeed max difficulty, he shouldn’t be that high

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How? Fartooth has a longer range but her damage is not high if the enemies are not quite far from her… In most cases you will not have range tiles that are optimal to get the damage that you are talking abt… Secondly she will always prioritize hitting enemies with lowest defense, so if there are mobs in the way(which is more likely due to her longer range)… she will hit them rather than whatever elite enemy you want her to hit(i don’t think you are trying to get 5k damage to a random mob)… Thirdly, Schwarz has the talent to reduce DEF by 20%. So if the boss has high defense then she will fall off slower than fartooth… I don’t see how fartooth is a powercrept schwarz? In most cases Schwarz is better… :fgo_gudako: