Professor Skill tree priority? (Solo play)

Most of my time playing im on my own so I want to plan around that. Occasionally I may be with 1 or 2 people but for that reason I would like to optimize solo play. So heres what I am currently thinking, wanted to get others imput.

  1. Deterioration Hex

  2. All power upgrades
    ^That is all I am certain of^

  3. Confidence: +6% defense when buffed once
    Fairly expensive but it also opens up the opportunity of more initial Focus. Since I will not be playing with an Auror, I cannot be granted more focus (besides potions of course)

  4. Divinating Details (Initial focus)
    This will let me start each fortress and cast “The Protection Charm” on myself, which is further enhanced by Confidence.

  5. Strength in Numbers: +5 power when buffed once.

With that route I can buff myself for the fist battle, then put the Deterioration Hex on each enemy after that. The 2nd form of those buffs dont have much value since I will likely only have 1 buff on myself.

Other than that I guess I would get passive stats like proficient/accuracy/critical ect.

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I am in the same boat and that is what I have been working towards as well. I will be using the second brilliant event to gain access to the Initial focus increases. Right now I am having to grind challenge family for the spell books. By far a limiting factor on power as well as other items. I figure the team help items will be the last thing I work on due to the difficulty of finding and organizing team play.


This is good analysis, which echoes almost exactly what I’ve done with my professor. By far the most enjoyable thing I’ve spent restricted books on was Confidence since it then unlocked the initial focus increase. It makes soloing and group battles so much better.