Progression, Story, and event Advice


So I am kinda confused right now. (Just started few days ago)

  1. I have tons of staminas and getherwing. What should I do? SHould I just use it to grind the event, or progress through ‘main story’ first? Finishing it etc.

  2. Regarding team building. Which is the better path to take? levelling up and building all my 5 stars adventurers first, or build a ‘specific’ element team first?

Thanks guys


I’d recommend grinding the event because you won’t know when it’ll come back again. Main story will always be there. You only need the stamina for manticore and it’s relatively quick to grind out the 1000 bronze medals. Then you can go back to main story.
I’d recommend doing as much of the event as you can. The rewards are pretty worthwhile and in terms of twinkling sand, sunstone shards, dragonfruit etc is scarce outside of events.

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Teams of a single element and single resistance are always better, when you can build them. Lower level characters with the correct element and resistance will outperform higher level off-element characters.

For this current event, build a light team with curse resistance. I wouldn’t worry about promoting any 3 or 4 stars yet, but there’s no problem with leveling them and unbinding the first few rings. If you play long enough, you can build a full team of 5 star characters without promoting any characters. You can make a mixed element team for the daily events if you want to level your 5 star adventurers together, but the non-light characters will die fast in the event raid.

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@Inferno_711 Thanks for the advice. I will grind the event first a bit!

@Kuro187 Yeah I kinda feel it. In this event I have Alfonse, Hildegarde, Fjorm, and Marth. My Hildegarde and Alfonse always stays alive whereas Marth and Fjorme not so often… I think I will first build everything slowly. Can’t have everything in an instant hahaha