Pronouncing Pokemon names

I was curious if there’s an official pronunciation guide for Pokemon names. For example is Reshiram pronounced RAY-shur-am or REH-shur-am (or some other way)? ZEE-krom or ZEHK-rom? BEAR-tic or Be-ARTIC?



There’s this:

Not contributing anything positive to this conversation but god it bugs me when people get all high and mighty about pronunciation!

Lotta “uM AkShUlLy!” Going on there. These aren’t real words people…leave it be…

I’ve always struggled with Gible.

Correct pronounciation per the referenced guide - GIBB-ull

I wondered whether it would be similar to Bible (BY-bull) which would give us GY-bull, or perhaps JAI-bull, or GIBB-lee, or JIBB-lee. I initially argued that GIBB-ill should have been spelled Gibble, not Gible. Eh, in the end it doesn’t really matter because we evolve the good ones into GARCH-ahmps, or is it garr-CHO-emps, …

I gave up and just call it Giblet

I gave up and just call it Giblet.

I did the same, except I called it ‘babyshark’.



I’ve always pronounced Rayquaza as Ray-KWÄH-Zah (which is apparently wrong) and had someone give me a very serious (and unexpected) lecture about how it’s pronounced Ray-KWĀY-Zah. Their source: the anime and TrainerTips.

As a result, I now purposely pronounce it the wrong way. :wink:

Like @canipetthatdog stated, Pokemon names aren’t real words, so go nuts. That said, I feel the need to share some of my favorite mispronunciations that I’ve heard. Some of these still bring a smile to my face.

Omanyte - Oh-man-teen

Skarmory - Ska-more-eee-yah

Pikachu - Pick-at-choo

Alomomola - Ello-mun-golo

Makuhita - Make-you-hit-ahh

My roommate couldn’t remember the name for Meganium back during the Chikorita Comm Day and he was like “What’s it evolve into? Megumen?” So now we just call it Megumen as a fun callback to that

virizion, pronounced Verizon


The funny thing is that you are correct and they are wrong… but hey ho

Ah yes I apply this same principle to ruffle the feathers of fans of the way-too-long running anime Nar-ooo-dough

Ah yes, and its brother [COE-bah-Lion]

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Bravo slow claps

A few more for your list:

Meditite - DYE-per SMURF

Snorlax - BLU FAT-tie

Alomomola - ALA-mala-mola-lola-lama-bama-ding-dong

These are official.

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@canipetthatdog, @BlameScott

How come Pokémon names aren’t ‘real’ words? And what makes a word ‘real’ then?

Well to quote Jeff Foxworthy
“If you get underlined in red when spelled correctly, you might not be a real word”!

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Well, as long as we’re poking fun at the weird pokemon names, we should also credit the good ones.

My favorite is Spheal. It’s a seal (not Seel, that’s a different one), and it is spherical, so it’s a Spheal, a portmanteau of spherical and seal. Clever and funny. Now I wish they were still spawning so I could get my 30 ice done with.