PSA: Death to Instinct

Instinct is probably the biggest example of my issue with certain skills in this game. Certain things (like dragon slayer or instinct) just feel like they should be passives. Siegfried shouldn’t just be good at slaying dragons for one turn out of five or w/e the cooldown is, he should just be good at slaying dragons, period. In the case of instinct, I’ve always thought it should give increased star weight so Arturia or Mordred or whoever could…you know…crit more often, maybe comparable to random rider B getting by off of just class advantage.

It will never happen, but I do wish certain skills would just have their numbers reduced and be passive effects. It’s not a huge issue tbh, but it’s just something that bugs me.

Glad instinct skills are getting upgraded now.

Hate having to wait until next year for Arthur’s Ultra Instinct skill though. :fgo_badciv: