PSA: Do your free quests

In about a month or two we will be getting rewards for not only completing all the lost belts(30sq) but we will be getting rewards for completing free quests - an additional 10sq for for every 10 free quest nodes completed upto a total of 180sq as part of the anniversay event due late early july. It might be a good idea for you to complete these while it’s 1/4 ap for main story & 1/2ap for 1st clear free quests.

Especially as the next event is a non-event that last 2 weeks


Anniversary also had 1/4 AP campaign for first clear of FQs though


It might be a good idea for you to complete these while it’s 1/2 ap for main story & 1/4ap for 1st clear free quests.

Current campaign is 1/4 AP main story EoR and 1/2 AP all FQs
So it’s actually better to wait for anniv lol


And dont forget to do lb4 free quests also, it drops before anniversary and it counts obviously


Anniv SQ for free quests are retroactive and LB4 FQs won’t have AP discount until anniv
If someone is minmaxing then I would wait with grabbing these SQ until anniversary campaign


Here’s the thing - it takes time. You know most of us have IRL duties. If If you have to do story quests and then add on top Free quests it’s better to get started now especially if you’re in Arc 1- or 1.5, I mean what else are you going to do for the next 2 weeks? The next event is a non event. Then there’s Hunting Quests, then there’s Guda , things you have to actively participate in if you want rewards.

Then again I’m no-one’s mother. I can’t tell you what to do . Do what you want I mean it’s your schedule and time. Up to you to manage it. May help someone may not.


I did every FQ day by day during every downtime between events (i’m working 5 day/week) , started from december to just before ooku event, it’s tedious but 180 sq sounds really spicy :fgo_nobukatsuwoke:


Okay but I didn’t say anywhere in my posts that one is obligated to do these FQs during anniv… ?
I just said what I would do

And second of all, information in your post is wrong since it’s

1/4 AP Main Quest + 1/2 AP Free Quest [first clear]


It might be a good idea for you to complete these while it’s 1/2 ap for main story & 1/4ap for 1st clear free quests.

And that’s what I wanted to pinpoint
I would never force anybody to take the most AP efficient route, I seriously don’t give a shit what one is doing with their free time. But if there’s at least one soul not having IRL duties during anniversary it’s still worth to mention that the FQs can wait for another opportunity that is soon enough


That’s a typo and thank you for pointing that out.1st post corrected

I sat on my FQs for a long time, missing several campaigns before bothering to fill them in.

Because events, story, Interludes, and RUs all take priority, I’d take advantage of the downtime and knock out whatever one reasonably can while there’s any kind of AP discount.


interesting to know many people didnt complete the free quests. The number popups annoy me so i complete them all whenever i had free time.


already got all mine done during previous campaigns except the new mirror node on shimousa. 3 runs 1 mirror drop later and I am going back to farm bullets

I prioritize my AP like this:

  1. Main Story
  2. Current Event
  3. Rank up/Interlude that gives me a skill/upgrade or unlocks the next Interlude that gives me a skill/upgrade
  4. Ember/Gem farming if needed
  5. Best Farming Nodes
  6. Work through Main Story Free Quests

I have around 50-60 free quests completed.

I feel similarly about the numbers. I’m almost done with all my currently available FQs so I may as well finish them off and resume story.

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I do my free quests immediately after completing the story segment. Most people don’t do that?


I do mine immediately after finishing the chapter, except for the AP spent on dailies.

Same with me as for others, the little number bothers me disproportionately. :^)

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I always did that too since Arc 1, a singularity/lostbelt is not cleared until i complete everything.


Only when I need to open a farming node and don’t have anything more important to do.

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Still had 45 untouched FQs, with plenty of other stuff to do with the AP first (until lately). The combination of this campaign and Jalter’s event being mostly text should allow for some progress.

Looking forward to this lull to finish up EoR and do as many FQs as I can. I started in October last year and it was basically a race the first few months to finish enough story to qualify for events, followed by the busy event schedule for the first few months of this year, so I still have ~100 FQs outstanding. I’ll happily settle for 1/2 AP, since July is going to be a very busy month for me irl and I don’t think I’ll be able to make much use of the 1/4 then.

I finish up all free quests, interludes and rank ups whenever they appear. I’m usually short on SQ so that’s my motivation.