PSA: DW does plan to compensate players on the lost login streak for the 8m downloads campaign rewards (further details added to op)

We will also be compensating users whose login streaks for the 8 Million Downloads Campaign were broken due to the extended maintenance.

your tickets and fous should be safe, don’t worry

edit: further details

Apology in regards to the 8 Million Downloads Commemorative Login Bonus
We will be compensating users whose login streaks were broken during the 8 Million Downloads Campaign due to the extended maintenance.
The Compensation Items that you receive will vary depending on when you received the Day 1 Login Bonus.
The Login Bonus Period will not be extended.

Applies to:
Users whose login streak was broken due to the extended maintenance.

Distribution Method:
Present Box

Distribution Period:
2019-11-20 20:00 - 2020-04-30 16:59 PDT


Additionally, we’ve been given 30 extra SQ and 30 Gapples because of the extended maintenance, and all events and banners have been extended by a day.


we’re also getting way more rewards as well

Compensation Details:

  • Total Saint Quartz x34
    Scheduled maintenance compensation x4
    Extended maintenance compensation x20
    Apology for length of the extension x10
  • Total Golden Fruit x30
    Extended maintenance compensation x20
    Apology for length of the extension x10
    (Fixed on November 12th)

free 10roll, everyone!


bumping, because people can’t read



But I still lost my login’s ticket :fgo_insane:


Will pin temporarily, but there’s always gonna be those people who post before looking to see if their question has already been answered.


more like people grabbing pitchforks before checking the official site :fgo_deadinside:


I’ve read posts on a bunch of other forums and even after reading the news there are people who are still getting their pitchforks and can’t wait to complain about it to the NA team. Anime NYC is suppose to happen in a couple of days and I am terrified of what the NA team is going to have to face.


I’m only worried about the VAs. The localization team can go to hell.


Shouldn’t everyones login streaks be broken now? Can’t imagine there to be any exceptions.


everyone, except those who weren’t logging in for the campaign

slightly strange wording though, yeah


Everyone that actually had a streak, yes. Inactive players won’t get any tickets/fous/whatever


Well… While it might sucks for everyone who had a perfect login streak up until now, I feel somewhat relieved. Finally my streak is broken again without it being my fault. :sweat_smile:

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All that extra SQ and I got only one good thing for the 10x roll an X-Mas CE that gave me +1 fruitcake and another CE other than that all the servants I got I already had so all but one became NP fodder the remaining one became XP fodder

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Oh well, i don’t mind it too much if we’re being compensated plus free 30 SQ, more rolls for Abby. I’ll just consider it a fresh start for my login streak.

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FGO USA’s Twitter Account is currently under quite a cyclone, I’m not even exeggerating. I can understand Community’s Management needs improvment, but lately, and particularly this year, it has been quite active. Players got some events -like FGO USA Tour- and getting some rewards after the end of said event (10 free Quartz, yay !), Babylonia’s anime release also was quite the event, along with 8M DL ! They clearly thanked the community for their support, and yet… When there’s a problem, all the toxicity comes out to lash out all their hatred towards FGO’s twitter.

Honestly, I rarely read so much disrespect and toxicity. People keep ranting and ranting about the loss of their soooo long login streak, each day they logged, just for the sake to show off "look how I’m active on this shitty game I’m trashing about right when something is not right, I dont miss any single day but i’m going to insult them because they do shit again and again and I dont even think about just quitting the game, I’ll just keep playing but instead I’ll be even more disrespectful".

Or even saying 30 Apples and a total of 34 Quartz are not enough for compensating something that is just plain cosmetic.
Just. What. 30. GOLDEN. Apples. And yet they think it is not enough ? They got a total of a FREE multi roll too, yet it’s “not enough” ? Disrespectful ? Them being on the very limit of insulting or threatening US Team is the pinnacle of disrespect. And, by the way, cant even read a single post saying “Here is the detail of the compensations for the maintenance”.
I. Just. I’m just going to assume Twitter’s haters can write, but ultimately are illiterate. Some are clearly saying “So they gave 34 quartz but 30 of them are for 8M DL and that means there’s only 4 Quartz for maintenance IT’S UNFORGIVABLE”. And when people point out it’s not for 8M DL, they reply “Pffft, yeah sure they will compensate… they WONT and they dont care about their players they wont give anything except some shitty quartz.”

Of course game’s US server management got some problem and issues. But I say it again : it has improved through the year. They thank community for their support after an event / Twitter-FB campaign, they inform regularly about currently running event In-Game, when there’s an issue they inform what is the cause, and players are ALWAYS compensated for it. Always. I’m glad to see people here who, like me, just take the time to read and be respectful towards US’ Team.

Personally, I dont care in the least about log-in streak. Well, it’s a little bit annoying to see weekly schedule came back to Day 1, but Oh well. They gave enough stuff to be satisfied with (110+ golden apple right now, I’m happy to know I can go back to farm without counting them before each refill).

So I’ll say it : it was a good move to extend maintenance till the reset. This way, they indeed cut everyone’s streak, but it was better than just cause “damage” to people who couldn’t log in during this little gap of 2 hours. Plus, game is always overcharged due to players login in at the same time. Causing potentially even less time to log for some players. They will give remaining rewards later this day, maybe tomorrow, so no need to be scared.

PS : (plus I got Ishtar from this free multi roll, not gonna lie I’m pretty happy with this)


your first mistake was reading responses to tweets from the fatego_usa account


your first mistake was what mugi said yea

expecting anything out of the fgo na fanbase period

we (being twitter) are still complaining about demiya
its like november