PSA for new players

Hi. I feel that I am a fairly experienced player at this point IMO. I would also like to share some tips that I feel would’ve benefitted me and my account greatly in the long run. And also accelerated my progress as a player.

First and most important.
Your Originite Prime/Golden balls/the third shiny currency. DONT spend them for rolls.
If youre F2P or not a super whale these things are very rare. Early on you can accumulate a lot of these due to 3 starring a stage. 100 Prime is not a lot of currency.
Where to spend? Spend only on the Level up Pro Packs. These become very expensive later on but give the best conversion rate for Primes to Orundum which is used for rolling.
2nd place to spend are on skins which are LIMITED TIME RUN items. The Chinsese server which is ahead has had only had one re run for skins. Which is the cambrian set we have now.

2nd Certificates
Whenever you roll through recruit or headhunt every unit you get one time bonus to green or yellow Certificates. Dupes of a unit give way less currency.
Green Certificates net you 2 head hunting permits and extra orundum monthly.
Save your Yellow certificates for the love of god. Save up for the 6 star unit on rotation every banner for 180 Yellow Certificates. First clearing annihalation gave me the illusion that it was fairly easy to save up these yellow buggers. THEY ARE NOT for F2p or Dolphins.

3rd: Get some Friends early
The Credit Store contains 2 solid 4 star units exclusively obtainable only through there. Gavial and Courier. These 2 have a solid stat line and will serve you well until the harder end game content wayyyy down the road.

4th Do not E2 early 5 or 6 stars early
E2 is a large investement in LMD, materials and time.
A single E2 will equal several E1 operators in cost and will be less effective.
Having multiple operators at E1 lvl 40 is much better and will make your grinding experience easier.

5th 3 stars and 4 stars are your friend
Use Kroos, melantha, Fang/plume early on. They cost no materials to E1 besides Longmen Dollars(LMD). Which is dirt cheap.

6th Recruitment
Once you unlock the HR department you get basically a free gacha spin in the form of recruitment
The only thing to note is the TAGS section on the 2nd line these look like boxes. Always choose 8 to 9 hours in the recuitment time if you dont know what to do.

IF ONE OF THESE BOXES SAYS : TOP OPERATOR: The recruitment will guarantee a 6 star operator. SENIOR OPERATOR guarantees a 5 star Operator.
I have pulled Silver Ash from a TOP OPERATOR+ GUARD tags in recruitment.

7th For lite spenders
If you plan to spend in this game the only packs worth grabbing are the monthly card for 5$, The starter headhunting pack or the monthly headhunting pack which refreshes every month.


Yes, please don’t. I have not used any of these as of yet but new players, as well as people that aren’t whales, shouldn’t spend these frivolously. Skins are okay, but you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to. I’ve only purchased skins for Fang and Courier. I really only recommend buying skins for the characters you like, of course, rather than spending Originite on skins for characters you don’t really care about.

Kinda wish I knew about these since I’ve been using them for the smaller items, but nothing I can can do about it now. I may try to reroll because I desperately want a Silverlash but I like my Exusiai.

This is actually fairly difficult, at least for me. I tried desperately and played through every mode I could and sending friends requests and I never got anyone to accept them. It wasn’t until I went to the Reddit page and posted my name on their Reddit page that I actually got some in game friends.

Yeah, don’t do that. E2 is basically for making content easier, and even then there are certain operators are arguably better as far as spending resources for making them E2. Of course one can E2 whomever they please, just don’t make any brash decisions. The resource cost is quite steep.

Very true. Unlike many Gacha games, this one actually promotes the usage of low rarity units. Of course many 6* units outclass 3* and 4* units in terms of things like damage and/or utility (like Exusiai vs Kroos or Orchid vs Angelina) but that doesn’t mean low rarity units are bad. One has to take into consideration unit cost as well as team synergy, not just “what unit has the highest rarity”.

Use this when recruiting.