PSA for Rokkr Siege

For those of you who can’t seem to get to that 200k mark per match, if you have the means, try this:

2 allies with quad weapons (high speed brave weapons, whitewing, Cherche, etc.)
1 ally with dance/sing/play
1 ally with Melancholy or Witchy Wand

Quad weapon allies do damage equivalent to that of 4 allies, the dancer can give either of them another action, and the wand will cancel out the threat of Rokkr special damage by resetting it’s cooldown.

My chosen are Catria, Palla, Halloween Mia, and Flying Olivia, all with Ward Fliers as the C-skill. Even when the Rokkr is a bow unit, I always hit 200k before the end of round 6, most of the time finishing on round 5.

UPDATE: high probability that final round will be two axe users, so get those Pallas, Leliwoods and Roy’s ready.


Can you show what your skill builds look like? Rokkr is like the one event that I can’t wrap my head around and the visual will help a little :smile:


Melancholy/Witchy Wand are unnecessary and honestly overrated imo. You need to sacrifice a team slot for a unit who doesn’t even deal much damage to the Røkkr, and that slot could be used for more dps or a second refresher. Using Guard is more effective since you only need to sacrifice a B slot rather than an entire member of the team.

But if you can hit 200k consistently, then I guess it works for you. I’ve never used it but 200k still isn’t difficult for me at all.


Idk, my preferred team is Shigure, Cordy, Reyson, and S!Ursula
The birbs slam the Rokkr with Brave Galeforce, Reyson can give one an extra action or help Ursula get around killing bows or green things. Ursula is just there to ruse the Rokkr. Maybe not the best strategem but I can often get the accessory at least.
Oh, but next round when both are swords :feh_rein:

I can’t even hit 100K. Closest I’ve gotten ever was 78K, today.

My team is L!Eliwood with Reyson, Peony, Cherche and Mathilda. I do not have access to Witchy Wand or Melancholy. I have a -HP +SPD Elincia with her refine, and I could give her a merge.

I need some help with this mode, I literally cannot do this. :’(


Same, except I did even worse. My highest was 67K. This is the first time I’ve done Røkkr, so I dont fully get how it works


Well, A) Are you using Guard? If not it’ll be a pain. B) You don’t really need 2 refreshers. I would switch Peony out for someone with Melancholy/Witchy Wand or a ruse skill. C) Galeforce nets you a ton of extra points. Use it with a Brave weapon, 4 hits is a lot better than 2 with a Blade skill, plus Galeforce will always charge when you hit the Rokkr.
This one has been a bit problematic, as my birbs don’t have the best Res. I gave Reyson Distant Guard seal and the others Res bonds and that’s worked wonders. Cherche is definitely going to struggle staying alive, with that low Res.
Note that you can also use Pair Up to save on HP (though then Reyson can’t heal that way) and get a few extra stats too.

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I don’t have Melancholy or Witchy Wand, but I do have some options for Guard.

My +10 Mathilda has Guard 3, and I have Brave Eliwood and Leila with Atk/Spd Ruse. I can always give Brave Eliwood Galeforce if need be, and both Elincia and Cherche have Galeforce (Cherche having Guard as well).

I didn’t know that having Reyson be the paired unit stopped his healing, so that could be an issue. Maybe I could give him Fortify Res and Drive Res to help out Cherche, then have the paired unit be Brave Eliwood.

Distant Guard 3 seal has been a wonderful investment, yes X)


It’s not the fact that Reyson’s paired that messes it up, just if you switch to pair ups for EP then the Legendaries will get healed rather than the Galeforcers, and they’ll be losing HP on PP. Also if you want to use L!Eliwood’s buff you can’t have that and Reyson work in the same turn.
Ideally if you can keep your units in the Guard threshold you can free up your 4th team slot. I like ruses since they don’t require the HP threshold.
Maybe that’ll help? Getting thrown around by the Rokkr special is not fun

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Highest score I’ve ever got was 92,000. I’d like to get at least one accessory but I don’t want to invest in units I’ll never use :feh_elisad:

I’ll give it a shot, since I haven’t tried out the Ruse skills yet, and I don’t see how I can get close to 150K without Reyson. Nice to invest in different units too, especially Brave Eliwood since I really want to use him.

I think I can make it work if I just have Reyson focus on buffing Res, at least for this Rokkr Siege.

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I would keep Reyson for the passive healing, if anything I would get rid of L!Eli
Or just pair them but constantly have Reyson our

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Gotcha! So if I have Elincia, Cherche, and Reyson, should I just replace L!Eliwood with Brave Eliwood?

That is what I would do, yeah.
Hopefully it works all right for you? Other people are smarter than me though and could probably give better advice :/

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No worries! Any advice is helpful! Thank you for the help X)

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U dont need the Guard Staffs, you just need Guard with an AOE healer, easy game

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AoE healer as in a healer with Heavenly Light or Reyson?

I use a Heavenly Light Healer

I’ll look into that as well. I have a +ATK Genny.

With this setup, 160k on the Intermediate difficulty is simple. Someone posted a video on here a few Sieges ago and I think the builds they used were like these.

Rokkr team