[PSA] Game Engine Update and Transfer Numbers

Greetings to all my Fellow Masters!!!

It’s your best friend @Psi, your ever-helpful and friendly cult-leader who has temporarily risen from the depths of F/GO hell to give this ever-so important annoucement.
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What would you degens do without my guiding light???

So let’s get down to the meat of the issue (or cellulose if that’s your choice of diet)

As you all should know by now, next month Fate/Grand Order is getting an engine update from Unity5 to Unity2018 as described in the official announcement.

It is not clearly stated, but there is a high possibility that we will be logged out and have to log back in using a Transfer Code and Password.
Now, given the popularity of threads asking about account recovery (despite me making a thread dedicated to this), I take a gander that some of you probably forgot yours, lost it, or even forgot such a thing even existed.

Shame on you!
So how do we generate a Transfer Number oh grand exalted Most-knowing Psi?


Let me enlighten you young cricket!

Steps to reset login information upon Account Recovery:

  1. Go to “My Room”
  2. Tap “Device Transfer” in the My Room Menu
  3. Type in a password to be used when transferring to another device (the second field is for confirmation, so type it in both fields). The password must be 4-12 alphanumeric characters.
  4. A transfer code will be issued. Pressing the Copy button will copy it into clipboard. The code can either be immediately used to transfer the account to another device or saved for future use.
  5. On a SEPARATE DEVICE, record the password you entered in Step 3 as well as your new Transfer Code. If you do not have another device to store your Account information on, then send an email to yourself with the login information for future reference, or write it down on a post-it note and stick it on the fridge.

Please note that:

※ The “Transfer Code” and the “Password” will not expire until used.

※ The “Transfer Code” and the “Password” can only be used once.

※ Once used, the “Password” and the “Transfer Code” won’t be functional anymore.

@Sizzle @NorseFTX
If possible, could you pin this until after the engine update?


Also it seems that a password above a certain length can’t be used for recovery but it will be accepted when entering it in the transfer screen, I remember such a thread popping up a few months ago.


I don’t remember being logged out when the update arrived in JP, but that’s a nice precaution warning.


IDK, prob eating something that’s not ramen? :fgo_coffee:


You all forget I exist, huh?

Like, I have no life, I need this for validation purposes! /s

Well, jokes aside, I’ll pin for the time being, since it’s important info and the last thing we need is dozens of how do I get my account back threads popping up next month.

I’ll have it set to unpin onJuly first for the time being since there’s no real set date other than next month. That fine with you, @Psi?


Like it hasn’t already happened back then when @Psi put up that Account Recovery Thread :fgo_gudako:


Like threads like “Let’s be friends” still happen even tho we have a megathread

Thanx for the reminder! I knew there was smth about passwords, but couldn’t remember what.


I seriously had a “Who is this?” moment with your pfp. :sweat_smile:


See? My evil plan of blending in with the background and getting people to lower their guard works :D


Considering most people (that I’m aware of anyway) recognize others by the pfp rather than the name, you bring more attention to yourself that way. :sweat_smile::rofl:

Try making a new account with a different name but use your old pfp. No one will notice it’s someone else. You didn’t hear that from me though.


I blame the Imp who was the inspiration for the pfp. His evil plans always go awry :‘D
… okay, I guess I’ll stop derailing the thread any further ^^’


Great!! Thx!!!

Thought you were the Touhou/Inuyasha Mod :crazy_face:


I’m glad someone at least noticed that flair/title back when I had it. I honestly kept it up as long as I did because I was waiting for someone to ask about it just so i could say it was an out of season April fools joke. well that never happened, but yeah. Feel free to bug me if anyone doesn’t get to you in time next time you need something.


I think 13 or above was the password of no return. So keep it short and sweet


Yup, the limit should be mentioned in the screen where we create it so if we don’t ignore it, it’ll be fine.

When have we been known for reading the fine print?

Remember all the threads on “I got my SR exchange ticket but I can’t find the place to exchange it” because no one read that the shop opened 3 days later than the ticket was given?


I do… :fgo_gudako:

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Heathen :fgo_insane:

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i do not, nor have ever been known to, “read”