*PSA* Gorgon is on "solo rate-up" in the extra banner for anyone that wants her

While everyone knows that this is a good banner to roll for Saliery, some people might not know that Gorgon’s odds in the current class banner (1.5%) are the same as in any solo rate-up banner.

Yes, Lobo is sharing the banner with Gorgon, but his odds are also the same as in any solo rate-up (also 1.5%) banner since this class banner is only shared between 2 servants for the 3% total SR odds.


I got Gorgon and NP2 Lobo just now. It’s an excellent banner if you want either/both of them!


I was going for Salieri, but was very lucky!




Why can’t you be Salleri!?

Caster Gilles: RREEEEEEEE


wish jinako banner was at a later date, would love to roll on gorgon banner since her damage is kinda lacking at np1


I also got Sitonai. Was hoping for Gorgon but happy with the results :3


I was very surprised because I did the multi literally for Salieri and was expecting nothing more other than craft essences, but also got a 5 and 4 servants. It was my second SSR with one multi this year, the other been Tamamo in January. I hope to be lucky with Merlin and Skadi too!


I’ve got an NP1 silver foued, 9/9/9 Gorgon (NP not upgraded yet) and as much as I love her character … I find her underwhelming.

Anyone got experience with NP 2++ / grailed Gorgon ? Is she as bad as people claim or do the additional benefits make her a powerhouse ?

Additionally, don’t we got Gorgon on rate up in Gilfest this year ?

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We get a Gilfest banner for her.

Also, Anniversary will bring a buff to her Monstrous Strength adding Star Absorption and technically higher uptime on her Attack up (from 1 turn to 4 times, 2 turns) so she will become more consistent.

A level 100 Gorgon fully Foued has about as much attack as a level 100 Raikou fully foued, so with the right support abd eapecially this buff she hits hard. Ideally you do want NP2 for her as she mostly deals in Neutral damage.


I believe she gets a really good buff later on which’ll make her more consistent. She has the highest attack stat among 4 stars I believe and a decent offensive buff too. So if she isn’t hitting hard, I must ask who are you comparing her with?


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Thanks for the comments @LFVBF and @Ambrose7.

I’d say my concern is her NP (see my example above), it did feel it hit like a wet noodle ((unupgraded NP but with monstrous strenght 45% buff) doing on per enemy, 19k - 24k which for me is below my benchmark for 30 k damage per unit. I’ve seen without the monstrous strength buff her hitting for 13k which is abyssmal, so downtime of skills is a problem.

But, when I was recently doing some berserker waves in the hunting quests it was obviously much better at clearing. (im tentatively going to guess with the 1.5x multiplier the per enemy hit would be 35,836)

Thats not to say when i did line up her star weight with A Tale of Love and Hope CE and her activated abilities, she crit quite nicely (I used a waver with 2030 & Hans 2030) so the output was impressive on crits on face cards.

I suppose why she feels like she hits like a wet noodle may be because my roster is reasonably developed (I have a Level 100 Max foued Raikou with NP5, more or less have something for each regular class AOE NP) meaning that I generally have class advantage that surpasses her damage out put, but obviously having her max grailed/max foued and NP2++ , I’d assume that would level the playing field for class advantage !

A quick number crunch suggests from the original picture: Attack with max fou & grail , NP upgraded + NP2

9/9/9 + Regular Fou + lvl 80 + Np1 (unupgraded)
11,706 (base damage) x 1,1 (class modifier) + (Kaledoscope lvl 20) 786 = 13,662
13,662 x 1.45 (monstrous strength lvl9) = 19,809
Np1 (300%) = per enemy ends up 19,809

10/10/10 + Max fou + full grail + NP2
14,963 (base damage) x 1.1 (classmodifier) + (kaledoscope lvl20) 786 = 17,245
17,245 x 1.50 (monstrous strength) = 25,867
Np2 + Upgraded (500%) = 43,113

(I am not 100% if the calculation is right). But thats obviously a much nicer number + pressumably the crits would be nuts. But sadly I don’t have a friendlist gorgon to test this )

Dw, plz give snek mommy another buff!


Took 23 tickets but I got what I wanted:

Also got another lobo making him np3.

Next stop: Arjuna Alter!


Congrats and good luck with AA


Mystic Eyes could use something but the Guts could be nice for better uptime.


Yeah, I think guts skills are pretty hard to use, unless you are using them in a solo strat


In her case it’s also bad because her 3T crit buff is tied to it and you have to choose between their timings (survival v damage).

Even worse, due to the Guts section, her 3T crit steroid has a 7 turn cooldown even when maxed.

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