Psa Half Ap on first time clear of Free Quest at Lost Belt 2 Gotterdammerung

Three days left for 1/2 Ap Free quest for LB2.
I dont see it in the thanksgiving announcement so this will be good for those who haven’t cleared the free quest.


That’s because it’s not in the TG announcement, it’s in the LB3 pre-release campaign announcement.



The real prize is abusing 1/2 AP Dailies to get Pieces :fgo_insane:

For a few of us anyway


I’m one of 'em, constantly in need of casters… and there’re still more various low rarity knight servants I haven’t raise.

Completed all LB2 FQ yesterday :fgo_oohlala:

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Finished it today. I think you only need just a little bit more than a whole day of natural AP refill.

Did it with a comp of Kintoki, Musashi and Merlin, to test Kintoki a bit.
Interesting funfact: 90 % of the Giants’ attacks were focused on Kintoki. No joke. All the other enemies were attacking more randomly, but the Giants were so focused on Kintoki, it wasn’t funny anymore.

Thanks for the heads up, I forgot all about it.

The giants will target divine, like skadi or kintoki.


Interesting. That’s something I didn’t know (obviously).
Thanks for the info.

Didn’t know this since I am using full Divine team (Parvati double Skadi).

It will still be random since you fielded all divines but frankly 3-turn DSS got no enemy turns. :fgo_skadismug:

Half AP free quests for first time clear? That would have been nice to know last month when I got around to finishing them all. :fgo_dechi:

Anyone tryna pass me some pieces, this 1/2 AP is saving me but at the same times, punishing me since I have so much to level up and not a single mats to ascend.


Ironically I’m at the place where almost all my servants are max level and max ascension. So I need servants to level. I wish my luck was a bit better. I’d trade you if I could, considering I’m sitting on hundreds of pieces and monuments for certain classes.


Perhaps if I started a little earlier and don’t roll on every existing banners, I probably would have been able to clear out most servants’ Ascension but combined with laziness, ugh… I would love to have those mats and QP right now. :fgo_okitacry:


its fine this game is like a series of high and lows, I have alot of mats and QP too. I was surprised to find out that if I manage to get Benienma than I have everything she needs to get maxed out.

But I’m running QP dailies right now. Because when my luck does turn around, that QP stockpile I’m sitting on will evaporate.


Luck is so random to the point where you really can’t predict it when you rolls. I’m honestly lost in my own planning if I ever take lucks into account so I just like to think that I can get them. (But I can only go so far for one new servant)


I mean if you whale hard enough, you will always get the servant. But thats a dangerous game. Yeah resource management is weird, its better to think that a servant will eventually use the resources you just farmed.


I had problems with pieces, monuments, secret gems for a long time and i was only able to escape it because of the lottery since then i had enough that i can ignore the pieces and monuments from the event shops.

I would suggest you get ready to farm hard during the last node of this coming xmas lottery.


I only whale for those I don’t have and I usually don’t wanna go past my limit (I’m setting my limit up to be 600 now) unless I really like them. I said limit but always know that I’m going beyond 100%. :fgo_ereshdistress:

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I thought they targeted berserkers like themselves…that explains everything.