PSA: Please Read Before Grailing a Servant

At least once a week, there is a thread about whether or not someone should Grail a Servant.

Almost every single time, the most common answer is the same: Do not Grail for gameplay.

So, before you start asking if you if it’s worth it to Grail a Servant, please consider the following.

While Grails aren’t terribly hard to come by thanks to events, they’re still one of the two rarest materials in the game, with the other being Lores.

If you Grail a Servant because you don’t have anyone else for that role, only to end up getting a Servant that is better than the Servant you Grailed in that role, then you will have wasted that Grail.

While Grailing a Servant does increase their stats, the increase in stats will very rarely amount to much of a difference. Grailing an SR to lvl 90 will not always give stats equal to an SSRs.

In terms of gameplay and filling their role, raising a Servant’s skills will usually be more effective than giving them a Grail.

Now, if you have a Servant that you enjoy using, and wish to improve their gameplay, then by all means, go ahead and Grail them.

If you have multiple targets for a Grail, and you’re wanting to know which would benefit the greatest from a Grail, then we encourage you to ask. (I would recommend asking in the General Support Thread.)

If you like a Servant, but you’re wondering whether giving them a Grail is worth it, well… The answer is usually “If you need to ask, the answer is no,” but I’m sure plenty of people would still be willing to discuss advantages and disadvantages.

Thank you for reading, and best wishes with your Grailing!

Edit: To clarify, if you truly do wish to grail for gameplay, such as with the frequently noted Dantes to lv 100 to increase his damage output, that’s perfectly fine. Just make sure you’re choosing a Servant that you actually enjoy using or use frequently.
Please do not go grailing a Servant that you dislike and never intend to use if you get someone better.




The sad fact is, even with threads like this, people will still do it, and still make threads on it since they’re either too lazy to read or want the attention.


Yeah, I’m fairly certain it’s a futile endeavor, but that’s not gonna stop me from trying.


To be a bit more generous, its also the fact that threads like these will always get buried after a while. Also some people don’t stay on these forums unless they need something, etc.


I’ll just bookmark this so I can throw it in people’s faces


It’s a respectable endeavor but unfortunately yes.

I mean, if people bothered to read, we wouldn’t have quite a few “new here, x question” or “can ppl add me pls” threads since there are already dedicated threads to that, but nah, they rather feel special and stand out by having their own.


Hey, it’ll certainly save me some time to just copy-paste this thread instead of writing out the same answer all the time. :smiley:


Gailing for the waifu/husbando makes a person fulfilled and happy, while grailing gameplay will make you feel empty and sad


Looking at the structure of this forum, I think its really difficult to avoid repeating threads and questions because it is not at all easy to find things. Threads are displayed in order of recency. So simple but important discussions like this will get buried by other more engaging threads. Pinned threads aside there’s also nothing visually distinct about it so for new/less frequent users would probably just sort of glaze over most topics cuz its just a long list of long text.

The structure of the initial post here is good for a quick read, but longer consensus based discussions also have a barrier for entry. If we had more structured writeups like this, but collated with other FAQ it might help. Also one for well known barriers maybe like camelot/shimosa and from what I hear LB5.2 will also be like that.

On a design stand point, if a lot of new users keep making the same mistakes, it can’t be their fault anymore. Since this is just a forum for fun though, its hard to see major UX changes happening though.


My level 80 Arash would like to have a word with you people

A noble attempt, I must say. Sadly, people will still use them compulsively and ask about it anyway.


I grail characters I like, but just for discussion’s sake:

Grailing an SR to lvl 90 will not give stats equal to an SSRs.

Some of them get pretty close though, I just looked up Caster Shuten’s level 90 stats and compared them to the buster ST 5 star Casters and the stat differences range from lower than 500 to close to 2000 depending on the the attack-to-health ratio the other servants had. Average would be around a difference of 1000 for both stats (which you could use fous to sort out if you wanted to).

And then there’s always the cases where one stat will surpass the 5 star while the other will be quite lower, such as the Artoria Alters and their non-Alter regular versions. At 90 they overtake them slightly in attack but the health difference is significant.

So to some degree you can get equal stats (with the help of fous) or at least have one stat higher (without fous), but that doesn’t really matter all that much. Better to grail characters you like or at least enjoy using in battle even if you’re not a big fan of their character in my opinion.



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“Grailed Sparty and Bunyan to 70 for gameplay. Regretted them slightly in the past–Not anymore!! The lottos made those grails soooo worthwhile. Also, level 70 grailed Arash never felt like a mistake.”

Haha, now that I let that out: Yes. I mostly agree with grailing for love. You’ll almost always want the most scarce resources given to servants you’ll always want to use. Seeing your fave reach the summit is satisfaction itself.


That sounded like a gameplay grail endorsement to me… I thought the whole point of this thread was to not?

or at least enjoy using in battle

is different from

“which archer should I grail for the bestest stats even if it’s boring to use him ?”


I never said they were the same, I am saying that is objectively a gameplay related reason to grail.

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You really enjoy nitpicking don’t you ?

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That is a weirdly ironic statement given you just tried to straw man me.

In my opinion, you SHOULD grail for gameplay using a selection of characters you like. Not sure if that entirely differs from the norm. But if I enjoy both Arjuna Alter and Raikou to a similar extent, I feel the only choice is to grail Arjuna.

To that end, I do not disagree with the sentiment, I am just saying that perhaps this question comes up so often because people get mixed messages.