PSA: Please Read Before Grailing a Servant

Why couldn’t people grail for gameplay if they want to ? Obviously if they’re asking a grail rec, it’s for gameplay advice. And there’s really nothing wrong with that.

Only for this game do I see a “love police” when it comes to gameplay choices, be it here or on Reddit.


This is mostly for new players like the one who asked earlier about grailing Emiya because he has no other archer.
It would seem very obvious that most 70+ Arash were grailed for gameplay.

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Yeah, maybe apply a restriction to new users so that they are forced to see those General Thread and can only post there for the first 3 hours after login.
Surely it’s not a nice move but if someone is lazy enough to avoid even a plain search … nothing against new thread for each member, just feels as you said “to own a dedicated thread”.

It’s also more of…making your favorites slightly more competitive though. In the specific case of Raikou and Arjuna Alter, you could grail Raikou “for gameplay” to have her perform better but do it cuz you want to use her more.

In a way, you’re grailing for gameplay. In another, you’re grailing for love.

This would be a different in the case of grailing say…Chacha or Phantom for love though. Cuz the stats won’t really change their terrible kit. This one is purely for character investment.

In any case, people should just grail who they want for whatever reason they want. Some people will derive happiness for grailing for (very minor) gameplay advantages and others will do it for character investment. Different players derive enjoyment from different things. It’s just an objectively inefficient thing to grail for gameplay but hey, some people could just enjoy the minor boost more than investing in loved characters.

I would say it is the kind thing to do to inform newer players that grailing for gameplay is inefficient though.


I do Grail for love, but… It seems I love too many servants :fgo_dshy:

Give me more Grails game! I want them and I need them for my waffles! :fgo_badciv:


I am not sure inefficient is the correct way to describe it. You get about 1000 additional stats which is more or less the same as golden fous and as far as I am aware, people do tend to fou for gameplay related reasons if they are not hoarding them onto a favorite. And people want direct stat CEs as opposed to mix stats because that nearly 1000 boost DOES make a difference.

But, yeah, there is a middle ground somewhere. Grailing is not be all, end all. But pretending you might as well just toss a grail here or there on random units is just as much of an exaggeration imo. Nobody does that, and nobody that I have ever read believes grails will jump their servant 2 or 3 tiers.

It is just a decent boost. Let’s be real. Not minor, not major, moderate.


Title of the thread should probably have been “THINK before grailing for gameplay”. Like, 2k fou lv100 NP2 Dantes is roughly equal in NP damage to lv90 NP4 one and sometimes it can be worth it, but you might not need that extra damage and that’s 5 grails wasted when you could have used them on Tamamo. ;p


The reason why I included that is because I think a mix of favorite/gameplay combined is best.

However, I’d like to point out that my use of ‘gameplay’ here is not in the mindset of ‘who is the most powerful/highest tier’ but rather ‘who do I like using in battle to the degree that makes me want to use them more’.

Sometimes you can start to like a character more just because they’re fun to use in battle.
For a personal example, Medea isn’t one of my top favorite servants, but her mechanics are really fun so I don’t regret giving her two grails to reach gold status. Arash and Spartacus can be seen as the same mentality (though in my case I just really like Arash and tend to not make him suicide) where using them in battle is fun/appreciated by those that grail them.

I have a slightly more complex system of deciding who to grail that includes other factors (such as waiting for animation updates), but generally I’m looking for characters I like that also have fun gameplay so that I’d be willing to use them often.


I believe that is the wisest course of action, you need to tick as many boxes as possible when you decide to grail. Doing it just for gameplay or just for love is a mistake when you can do it for both. There are all sorts of other factors to consider too, but that depends on the person. For instance, I see a lot of people in the grail thread that are proud to display their niche servants fully decked and that can easily be a viable reason to chuck some grails at a unit. It just depends on the person. Everyone is going to be different.

That is the crux of the issue, when someone asks for grail advice, nobody can really tell them what they value. And I believe that is the true reason all of this “grail for love” business caught on, it is really easy to suggest people wait for the right moment that they themselves know because at the end of the day, that IS who should be getting grailed. But it might not be for love though, rofl, especially when Arjuna comes out. Lots of people will feel the right moment for all the wrong reasons. :wink:

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I feel like the characters of FSN/Apocrypha/etc would have an absolute heart attack if they saw how Chaldea uses their grails lol. Yeah that one of a kind artifact you fought a war over? I used it to make the servant I kind of want to bang 10% stronger. I have like 20 more in a closet somewhere in case I want to do that again.


Level 100 Siegfried was worth every bit of grail, gold fou and QP I poured into him.
For me.


Me, in the midst of 2k fou’ing my lv100 NP2 Dantes: Ohoho, really now? Looks like grailing for love turned out better then I thought. :fgo_bblaugh:


Who should i grail

Who should i grab with free 4* Ticket

The threads i have seen the most in the forum


If I didn’t grail for gameplay, I wouldn’t grail at all because I don’t play this game to collect servants. I actually enjoy the gameplay itself. And, TBH, I also consider the story kinda “meh” in general.

A grail isn’t going to be anything miraculous, I agree. But 1k of stats is 1k. It’s the equivalent of Fou’ing, then golden Fou’ing. It’s half of a superscope (and taking a Kscope from L20 to L100 is about 1200 ATK, so it’s most of that). Granted, it uses a fairly rare resource, but I could probably argue that actually obtaining the Golden Fous and MLB’ing and then leveling a Kscope to 100 is harder (I only have 1 Kscope so it’s not even possible for me yet).

My most recent grail target was Zerkalot, because at NP1, I wanted to maximize his damage ceiling for DSS. So I, for the first time, Golden Fou’ed, then I grailed to 90 (I won’t grail to 100 ever because that is just too expensive for my tastes). He’ll get my SR ticket next…


Now, if you have a Servant that you like, and wish to improve their gameplay, then by all means, go ahead and Grail them

Heh, pretty much the reason as to why I grailed my Nyanta to 90 at the start. I love her so much that seeing her base 9.5k atk stat was just pitiful to look at when most 4* reach 10k+. Doesn’t help in that I don’t like Nobu and seeing her with a much higher stats, roughly 900 more atk, really pissed me off at the time.


“Love” isn’t a monolithic word. Some people love broken servants and so they’ll grail based on “gameplay” while some are just fine with shiny trophies on a shelf. Others grail because they fell for the sexy waifu at first sight while others grow to love a servant the more they use and enjoy them. As they say, “different strokes for different folks”.

What the discussion has implied so far is the aversion to impulsive grailing based on some shallow understanding of some tier list or uncontextualized community opinion. Most of this is probably more applicable to newbies and players who neglect to inform themselves of the tradeoffs and internals of a specific servant’s gameplay. This is especially bad if these players do not fulfill the servant comp conditions to effectively use the servant or the meta suddenly shifts to suddenly powercreep them or make them obsolete. To grail before getting to know the servant personally and just because ‘it’s powerful’ is just a recipe for regret.

Definitely inform yourself and extensively experience the servant first (friend support says hello if you don’t have it) before grailing.


Important can be in choosing which of your favorites you want to grail
I kinda posted for that in the past, figuring out whom to favor over the other

For example if you love both Kojiro and Hans, but only can grail one, I’d say grail Kojiro because he uses the stats more.

I only grail for love - lucky for me I happen to love servants for their gameplay! :wink:

The real question is if I should grail who I pick for my 4 star ticket.

Grail at random, give a number to all your servant, then draw some numbers.

Who knows who you might end up grailing