PSA: Plenty of Zweilous spawning too

Catching Zweilous counts towards the Catch 3 Deino research tasks.

Zweilous is easier to catch than Deino at the same CP.

Brutal Swing is a 3-bar move in PvE.


Curiosity question, can the Zweilous raids be soloed?


I was wondering the same thing (but dared not waste a pass), so I checked Pokebattler. Apparently weather boost is required and at level 40, only Gardevoir (whether shadow or not), Togekiss and shadow Granbull are viable.

EDIT: I keyed it into Pokebattler as a tier 4 raid. Saw comments on Silph Road that it is not duoable even with optimal level 50 counters and weather boost.

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I see. And how many trainers are needed to beat it to get the Deino spawns?

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I barely duoed it in neutral weather with two Mega Altaria, one shadow Gardevoir, two shadow Granbull, two Gardevoir and one Togekiss, all around level 30 except one normal Gardevoir being level 40.

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Event just ended here. Hope everyone got their Hydra!

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No. And while I didn’t expect to be able to Solo it, it was the FIRST time in years where I didn’t even get it down into the Yellow on my first try. I was boosted for Fairy, had a bunch of level 40 Gardevoir and Togekiss and I honestly thought my game was glitched at just how little damage I was doing.

But nope, it was just that tough.