PSA: REGARDING UPCOMING SUMMER 4 #2: Las Vegas Summer Bout & Event Quests

Hello! I’m back with a little more info regarding the event quests and where you’ll be getting most of your QP.

There are 3 types of quests in Summer 4 where you can get QP. To start off with, ever quest cost QP to do it, so if you’re below 10mil QP, I suggest you you go knock on doors. Essentially, this event is exactly like you are going to Las Vegas with the intended purpose to gamble, and you don’t show up with that purpose with nothing already in your pocket… I’d hope. But hey, I won’t judge if you do…

The 1st is the Normal Free Quest are simply called Casino Quests. These are quests you’ll be doing normally and completing to earn tickets for the other free quests after completing it the first time. They look like you bogg standard free quest. I.e. this:

The next free quest is what you’re gonna spend those tickets on. They are called Fever quests. These quests are where you’re gonna see a huge influx of QP. More enemies + more QP. The will look like this:

And finally, there are quests you can only complete once and they cost a lot of QP to do them, and are called Big Chance Quests. They are essentially betting quest to where if you lose, you lose all that QP, as well. The most expensive one is 50mil, but if you beat it, you 100mil. These quest are the quests you’ll use the damage CE, Midsummer Memories, for. It’ll look like this:

Hopefully this has cleared more confusion you might have.


Dang that’s alot of hp

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Guess I should kill some doors if I’m at 1 million


wait every quest cost qp? so if the FQ costs 400k, are we guaranteed to recoup that once we complete the quest?


I’ve been doing that since last week.

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That’s what it seems like.


Tfw Bella Lisa isn’t listed as an event bonus CE :feh_elisad:


RIP event CE filter this event…

That 50 mil qp quest looks like fun

yes. you only lose it when you don’t complete it or abort it.


Man if only we could repeat the big chance fights.


you’re welcome to, but at the price of losing 50mil qp per retry lol


no wonder everyone says this event is easy to clear. literally no AP gate at all


As usual @poketar out here being mvp


So I can farm for mirrors and eggs without slowing down event progress…

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For the folks who have JP accounts, is there a sweet spot QP amount I need so I don’t have to go back to door mid event or is the 10M a good enough number?

The free quests do still cost 40AP so that is just as limiting as any other event isn’t it?


man that’s a lot of hp in first wave itself. I usually use the first wave to fill np bars and use it on next 2 waves. This gonna be tough for me I guess

it’s one reason people use the damage ce midsummer memories.

but none to worry. the event gives damage up to all summer related servants.


I can see the Count won’t be able to take a holiday break again :'D

I hope we can use command seals on those big chance quests if anything happens.