PSA: Save Mana Prisms for Chaldea Tea Time

You will need 5000 MP to MLB and NA should be getting it early-to-mid November. We aren’t getting a whole lot of MPs between now and then so remember to save up whatever you get from Gilfest!


And Belle Lisa is right after it. So you can never have too many mana prisms. Burn those silver embers!


Mana prisms - you mean silver cards?

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Well, Christmas lotto will be here to help out before she leaves the shop, but then Bella Lisa arrives without a lottery to fund it :flushed:

So I’m not buying be Graceful unless I’m positive I can get both teatime and bella lisa


@Mysty The way you farm you shouldn’t have any problem saving 15000 MP! That’s what, 300 boxes? :fgo_gudako:


Well, also need monthly shop slush fund…

But I keep getting lucky with gatcha so I’m not anywhere close to burning gold embers yet like I expected to be…

Is tea time even important if I haven’t bought lunchtime time yet?


If you care about support list fp yes. It gives more bond bonus then lunchtime if you grab it off support so some people will actively look for it over lunchtime

It is the exact same bonus if you double up

Double lunchtime=10%+10%
Double teatime=5%+15%

Mix them to get max bonus:10%+15%=25%

If you got both and borrow teatime:10+5+15=30%

Regardless teatime will be more friend points.

That said, if you can’t get teatime in time it will vanish for several months and when it reappears it will also cost a rare prism onTop of the 5000 mana prisms. IMHO, it is Best get it now and lunchtime later.


I am not sure about these “mostly for friend list” CEs (hard skip on be graceful, get out of here goldorf), but I guess bond grinding never ends so I should get an extra 5% and help my friends too since I already have 18k MP on hand

I mean, you gotta use those MP for something, right?
After burning so many GOLD Embers to clean up the inventory so you can clean up the present box so you can keep on rolling the lotto with your ungodly amount of lotto currency…you kinda get a lot of them.

Thank you for the reminder.
I had forgotten they will be released soonish and newcomers will appreciate the heads up.

glances at the pile of MP
Eh. I’m kind of set for a long time. :sweat_smile:
Even after the anniversary splurge I’m back at 22k and I still have 48 boxes unopened.

Well we are going to have like the same amount of time that we have to get the Gordolf ce so we don’t have to hurry so much, and we have another lottery so relax, and this ce(just like the Gordolf ce) is useful if people use your servants (so probably just the big [insert number] servants because the don’t need ce’s so much

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Is it too early for me to be considering getting these bond/QP bonus CEs? I’ve been getting the Fous, embers and tickets so far but I’ve only been playing for 3 months.

Am I better off with the Fous and embers to power my units further or should I start trying to get more FP?

You are probably better off currently with the Fous and tickets…

But if you don’t get teatime when it first comes out then it will cost you a rare prism IN ADDITION TO THE MANA PRISMS later.

You have a few months to get all the copies so I would suggest you try your best to get teatime (and Bella Lisa after that) before it leaves the shop.

You need 1000 mana prisms per copy (5000 total) which is a lot, but there is an unlimited lotto going on now, a ten box lotto in November, and another unlimited lotto in December.

These are great opportunities to get TONS of mana prisms and friend points. You can use them to get the 5k mana prisms for Teatime next month and another 5 k mana prisms for Bella Lisa when it comes out this spring.

You can also run the 30 AP embers and burn all the silvers if you still feel squeezed for mana prisms (though after getting the first clear bonus this is considered inefficient.)

Regardless save as many apples between after this lotto is over and before the December one starts and you should be able to use that lotto to get both CEs.

If you feel like even this won’t be enough you could get the monthly tickets and skip the rest but that is probably unnecessary with all the lottos this time of year.

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Well, I’m fresh out of apples right now and I’m only on box 38 so I guess I’m gonna have to get creative. I know the very thought of using a support without those CEs is appalling but I do wanna start being more optimal with my resource spending. Thanks for the tips.

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There are also MPs in shops coming up too, so we at least would have some from Halloween and the Halloween rerun (the Christmas lotto shops probably don’t have MP in them?)

I remember when I first started out and Lunchtime and Lesson and whatnot were in the store, it really wasn’t that hard to get the MP to buy them while also clearing da Vinci’s shop each month.

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It really depends on your roster and what you want to accomplish. I have been playing for the same time and Gilfest is leveling mostly what I wanted. The material wall is more relevant than embers at this point. My Heracles is stuck at 3rd ascension because I prioritized Artemis (who needed a lot of chaos talons) for Camelot.

All of my major units have max fous, and I only bought the discount ones with prisms and 2 events that I was ahead. At this point, I can already afford the bond CE once it drops and I am starting on Belle Lisa.

Albeit, I am getting these more for my friends list. I am concerned about reverse qp hell, so I am not likely to wear Belle Lisa myself. The bond one is better, but I need to clear Solomon right around when it comes out, so it will not help me rush bond 10 Herc anyways.

At the end of the day, these will cost a rare prism later. If you want them ever, best to get them now.

In other words, I hardly need them, but I have enough to get them and arguably nothing else to spend them on. I want that Parvati costume, though. So I might get that.

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