PSA: Some more stuff on the Support section usage [IT GOT WORSE]

UPDATE : this is a separate issue from the stuff below so I’ll just add it here.

If PlayerA sets up identical line-ups for both (split) normal and event support,
PlayerB will see this when checking your list: image

This may have been there since day one but I only notice now that the support list normal and event lineups can be set using two different methods.

So far I thought you had to go to the correct lineup and then click either the normal or event button, left of “OK”. Once done, you can clearly see which set has been selected for each line-up.

Like we can see on this screen here:
(People still having trouble with this feature should focus their attention on everything inside the red rectangles)

So my event line-up was formerly set to 3 and I just went and changed it to 2 by clicking the “Event” button down there after swiping to the correct team.

Once we’re done setting those, we can simply save our configuration by clicking OK. The “close” button, on the other hand, won’t save anything. Instead, if you have made changes it will prompt something like this :

(I want to save the new settings, so I’ll just hit “Cancel” here and then use the “Ok” button bottom right)

“Last event is done, lemme update my event line-up to match the upcoming event offering”
I simply need go back and edit line-up number 2 and save (Thanks Cpt Obvious!)

BUT, what if I accidentally clicked on the “Event” button at this precise moment ?
Well, this happens:

And what does this do ? This switches selection mode to “always set last viewed line-up to this button”. Meaning that if I was to simply swipe right and do nothing else, this is what would come up next:

If I click “Ok” now, my event line-up will be set to 3. But my line-up 3 is mostly used for screenshot stuff so there’s little chance I’ll do that.
BUT, LB4 is now behind most of us and I feel like I can revert to my usual normal line-up by bringing back Banana to the lancer slot, so lemme just swipe to Set 1.
There, my favourite psychopath’s back up. And let’s bring back Semiramis to the assassin slot because why not ? All fine! I can save now by clicking Ok.

Notice anything ? Yes, I have successfully regressed to unsplit support (both using Set 1) without ever clicking the “Event” button on any other line-up than the event one.

I really have no idea if it’s always been like that because I never really touched those buttons again once they were set to 1 and 2 right after the feature came.

Of course, I only notice this after my latest… “purge” during which I booted a couple old timers who had somehow reverted to Normal+Event recently.

(And to anyone who’d want to tell me there’s no event right now so “normal+event” is fine, I’ll ask “Give me a single valid reason to even bother doing the clicks to set it back to that.”. Hint: there isn’t one.)


  • Make sure both buttons include the word “Selected”
  • Try to use the Close button instead of Ok if you have no change to save

Another thing I’ve noticed is that entering the Support section will apparently show you immediately your last saved “dynamic” line-up. Mine was always opening Set 3 at first and it’s only when I saved my set 2 to event through the “bad” method that it started going to n°2 each time after that.


Too bad, copy support list not yet available


Heh, was browsing the Friend megathread and found this example. (You’re still set to normal+event at the moment btw)

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Hey, the second one is from me. Yes, the account is in use, I updated my ID. And I also changed my setup to split after taking the picture. If you checked my actual account before posting this, you would have seen. I even updated the picture of my setup in my post on the thread now, and you even sent me a friend request yesterday that I just accepted. What exactly is your issue now?
I would very much appreciate if you could take my account of of this.

Oh I thought I saw you mention you had gone back to your first account. I must have misunderstood.

I’m talking about the button just left of the “Ok” button. It’s an example of how people can accidentally unsplit their support, which is the case for this second account of yours, and also for the other player above. The fact that I linked your post was on purpose so that you would check this topic and ideally fix the problem.
That’s not supposed to be an attack of any kind.
I encourage you to read this thread’s first post if you don’t see what I’m talking about.
However, if you actively decide that you won’t do anything about it, then I’ll politely ask you to unfriend me.

The fact this post is needed is proof at how clunky and un-user friendly this system is.


It’s fine. I’m sorry if I came off as aggressive here.
And thank you for taking down the picture. I’ll try fixing any issues that still persist with my account.

I suppose I could have PM’d too ^^

@Recks It amazes me to see something like that. This has been actively programmed. Or at least, I really hope so, because I can’t even imagine how you inadvertently cause such a behaviour coding-wise. This would be incompetency on a somehow-genius level oO

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I dunno. I gave up on this bug. I know for now that my normal and event split up is working so I don’t press on those buttons. The easiest solution would’ve been if they made 1 for normal only and 1 for event only.

Making us think and wonder if it works without having another account to check up with, hurts our brains! Totally no UX or usability added to the game. :fgo_badciv:

Now the top SQ question is:.
If I have 3 support screens with different servants and tagged “normal” to the screens. Will all my 3 support screen servants (aka 27 servants) pop up on my friends’ lists? :fgo_gudako:

Well, I’m explaining exactly what it does and how. Is it so unclear that I should rewrite it all ? =S
If you have “normal” on all three supports, it means that your “normal” button is not in “locked” mode and that it’s changing each time you swipe (hint: the word selected is missing from the button when you’re not in locked mode)

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So, this image above is important so that you don’t accidentally switch to another line-up.

But somehow, Aelarya could not manage to get a split support despite having both buttons correctly set.
And we just found out why.
If you have the EXACT SAME line-up on both, THIS is what your friends will see :

Since I remember rolling my eyes not too long ago at a couple players sporting the exact same thing on normal and event line-ups, I can only guess that someone thought this… was a good idea for an update.

Seriously… WHTF ?!?


So the difference between the one that has border and not, is that the one with border actually the one that your friend gonna see right ?? cmiiw

No, the difference between border or not is only about how YOU are selecting the set. Once you understand what the borderless version does, you can use it and set everything correctly just as well, but the borderless version implies that you stay super vigilant about it EACH TIME you visit your support. Because when you’re borderless, clicking on OK selects the set you were on at that moment, period. (aka borderless sucks, don’t go borderless!)

Rewriting it depends on which group you are targeting. If you are trying to tell people how to set it up correctly, the best way to do it is to make a guide, e.g. “This is how you do it. First this normal screen, press here, do this and press OK” Then this event screen, press here, do this and press OK". Remember to add images making in the spoiler tag. Also warnings on what to NOT do but put those at the end after showing the correct way to do it. That is if you are trying to make a guide.

If it’s about your findings when playing around with the support screens then I guess it’s fine. The same if it’s recommendations to others.
Well, you are putting the “Update” at the top of your post and Recommendation" at the end of it.

No, I’m asking you if you did read it to its end but still think it’s a bug or that it selects all three sets at once. Because it’s not and it does not. Recommendations are at the end because they can only help you notice that you activated borderless mode.

ooooh, lol. Sorry sorry, that was a joke about the Support feature, not about what you wrote. A bad IT joke. I’ll go find myself a cave to hide in. :fgo_danzoblush:

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#~: service jokerecognition start
kernel panic!