PSA: Unmute music for KnK event

I play with either all volume down or voices and SFX at minimum so I can listen to better music or watch something on YouTube while I play. Just now, I accidentally turned the music volume up and realized that for the KnK event they use the KnK soundtrack. It plays on the event hub, during missions, and even for loading screens. KnK has the best music of all Type-Moon properties so you should really be playing with music on or you will be missing out like I almost did.


I could try to say that you are wrong if was posible,but is not ,the Kara no kyokai music the glory in musical form


Yuki Kajiura <3


Eh… I’m not going to say it’s the outright best, but it’s certainly the one with the most consistently good music, that’s for sure. Like… None of the songs are bad, and it’s hard to say that of all the songs for any of the other franchises…

There are some other individual songs that I feel are certainly up there with KnK’s, but generally only those songs from the franchise, and the rest are meh.


Fair. They tend to also be Yuki Kajura songs as well (my single favorite song is Let the Stars Fall Down from Fate/Zero).


I turn on the sound just to hear Shiki saying: Bing~bong~ba~bong every time a new room unlocks


Technically, it’s “Pin Pon Pan Pon” which is essentially Japan’s onomatopoeia for the sound a PA system generally makes when being used. And I love it, it’s hilarious.


Some of my favorites are “Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni” (The second opening for the original FSN anime), and some of the newer songs by Aimer for the franchise, namely Brave Shine (UBW), broKen NIGHT (FHA), and I Beg You (one of the Heaven’s Feel EDs). I dunno why, but Aimer’s husky vocals just get to me.


Music and voice acting are good civilization. I always have it on unless my whole device is muted.


Random (related) tangent:

Pretty sure this song is the OP for the KnK movie that featured the apartments that we see in the FGO Event.

And I’m pretty sure the guy pictured here was one of the key characters for that movie. (And only that movie, like Fujino was with hers.)

Granted, it’s been years since I watched them, so I could be wrong.

That guy looks very Shirou to me.


I know the hair certainly makes it seem that way, but this CE is exclusive to the KnK event ongoing rn, so it’s not Shirou.

@namtap032892 @lsrrr
It’s Enjou Tomoe from KnK movie 5, Spiral Paradox. He was a prototype/inspiration for Shirou later on.

And thanks for the heads-up! I usually play on mute, so I’m glad to have seen this. The main map theme is one of my favorite KnK tracks.

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I usually play on mute, but the kajiura soundtrack is just too good. The music for the final wave is almost too epic for these lvl 20 enemies early on lol. I can’t wait until the fate zero event for more awesome music.


Here’s the soundboard button if you need


This event + music always makes to want to watch KnK all over again, or at least the 5th movie which in my opinion is a masterpiece.


it suddenly clicked with me that these next 2 weeks about are basically kajiura themed for me with gacha shit

fgo for the kara no kyoukai event, and magireco for the main madoka series songs used in that game

I’ve already decided to go through another rewatch, with one film per day, myself

just finished fujinon’s film a few minutes ago

minor nitpick, but sprinter is the ed

there is no “op”, at least in the traditional sense


Games have music that are supposed to be listened


I asked about this in another thread and got an unsatisfactory answer…

Big thanks! I assumed it was onomatopoeia but was struggling to find an answer via google. I thought it might be a doorbell… I burst out laughing almost everytime I hear it! :smiley:

Brave Shine is good civ :fgo_astolfo: