Psystrike got a game master change and a buff

As it was expected by many, Pystrike got a game master change before Mewtwo returns to raids.

While the power got decreased from 100 to 90, it’s duration got reduced by about 40%, which was the main reason the old Psystrike was being held back.

This results in its neutral DPS being between Deoxy’s attack and what Black Kyurem is expected to be.

Some might say now that all the outrage online was for nothing, but I disagree. Things like these seem to help make changes happen.

That being said, RIP to those who have the previous psychic Mewtwo’s maxed out, since the move will likely not be TM-able.

Yep, substantial upgrade to Confusion/Psychic:

Confusion and Psycho Cut rank fairly equally in conjunction with it, so the choice might come down to personal preference, or if you run a second move with it.

It’s a good buff indeed. However, the main problem remains the same. Psychic is a very useless type for raiding. Sure in the next gen we have Terrakion, but that’s it. The other fighting types have either another typing that makes them take neutral damage or makes them double weak to something else and we have yet to see a poison type legendary.
On a side note Terrakion has a ton of weaknesses, with a lot getting boosts in common weather and there’s also MM Metagross. Mewtwo will be among the top counters, but since it’s only against this raid boss across all generations it might not be the best idea in the long term to power up a whole team of them. Then again, to each their own.

Looks like it’s the best against Keldeo now as well, in all weather. Still, the point about Psychic having limited use still stands.

Personally, I plan to power up one (a shiny one hopefully), but a whole team does seem a bit of a waste of resources.

Keldeo is mythical, so very likely we’ll get it from research, not from raids. The only mythicals I can see getting excluded from this are the ones that aren’t cute (deoxys, darkrai, genesect). That’s why I didn’t include it.
That’s why I also didn’t count Arceus, since only Niantic knows how they’ll bring all of it’s typings into the game.

The precedent has been established since SA moltres, and if being fully honest, TS Zapdos, were legendaries got limited event moves. The beasts were somewhat of a contradiction,but they were for PVP, not raids.

We are probably going to get groudon and kyogre in the same form as mewtwo as a money squeeze.

I’ve brought this up a lot of times already and so have others. The no-TM rule is stupid and makes no sense.

This is the reason why I don’t power up most legendaries. What’s the point of maxing one out if later Niantic will just out of the blue give it an exclsuive move that will make even a perfect IV with the standard moveset way inferior to the worst IV you can get from a raid?

They should either drop this no TM nonsense or give us an exclsuive TM, so that what was caught earlier wouldn’t loose all of its value. I really do not approve of them screwing over players like this.


The Twitter Universe complained that the move sucked so they buffed it not shocking same way it won’t be shocking if the nerf some of the moves right before Gen 5 drops…

You maxed out or evolved it knowing it would some day get better moves… not Niantics problem… Stop crying and go out and grind more dust and go catch the Pokémon with new and better moves…there needs to be some sort of power creep to keep and Meta healthy

That is why I do not max my legendaries. I will only keep them at L35.

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This started with Zapdos last year… you know quite a while after legendaries were first introduced into the game, way before when event moves were even a thing.

Plus this contradicts your snarky sarcastic statement from yesterday…

Psystrike will be raid exclsuive, so no TM, as expected

Well… good thing I never invested into a mewtwo lel

I did, into 2 Psychic Mewtwos. I’m not gonna spend 1117721831 CTMs into just trying to get them specific moves, so I’m only spending one on each of them. Unless it’s Flamethrower, of course.

No, you simply couldn’t come up with a better definition and instead went with the extreme. Incredibly distasteful.


Well. My lucky 91IV Mewtwo with Psychic is useless now… SIKE, hit that thing with charge TM and hope for Ice Beam or Thunderbolt so it has at least some use.

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I saved 11 CTMs just for this.

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True. I have never powered up legendaries past lol 35 except for my thunderbolt mewtwo from last year (which if it’s going to be obsolete now)

TB Mewtwo will remain to be a very good Blizzard Kyogre tank for a long time however.

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I would really love to ban you from this page. You are ruining the community and the page is not supposed to write things like this. So fxxk off.

Magnozone is better at that job already…