Psystrike Mewtwo in the meta

I was out of the loop for awhile, so I was very surprised to find out that Psystrike is actually amazing, easily dethroning Psychic and causing Mewtwo’s massive power to inflate to ludicrious levels.

That said, I’ve been playing this game since launch. I appreciated the generalist days, where Dragonite and Vaporeon took care of everything.

Psystrike M2 is obviously useless vs Darks, Psychics and Steels. And it probably comes up short vs particularly strong specialists (probably is nowhere close to MM Metagross vs Ice, for example)

But it seems that Psystrike M2 may very well yet put generalism back on the map. Gargantuan Attack stat, amazing moves, what’s not to like?

Seems like an obvious RC candidate, and an amazing long term investment for more than just as a Psychic specialist.

For PvP, it gives people a strong option for those who don’t have SB M2, though SB + Focus Blast seems to still be better overall.


Against anything that’s weak to Psychic (so Fighting and Poison) that doesn’t have a double weakness to something else, Psystrike Mewtwo outperforms all other options. It’s the highest DPS option by a wide margin as a specialist.

As a generalist, once again, it’s the current top option. However, as strong as its neutral damage is, it won’t outperform a majority of specialists. It will help patch up holes in underdeveloped teams, but that’s about it. It can carry more versatility by unlocking a second move and TMing as needed.

Finally, I imagine it can carry its weight rather well in PvP and Rocket Grunt battles by the sheer power/low energy cost of Psystrike. It just has to be very wary of the wide distribution of Bite as a quick move amongst Rocket grunts. Any Shadow Mon with Bite will very quickly chew Mewtwo apart.

Against blissey -
Machamp - 27.88 DPS (proper counter)
Metagross bp/mm - 19.044 DPS (no SE)
Mewtwo with pc/ps - 22.259 DPS
Mewtwo with pc/focus blast - 23.612 DPS ******
****This basically makes focus blast useless, as it’s a one-bar move.

Against milotic (Best water type defender)
Electivire - 22.695 DPS (best counter)
Eachamp - 13.977 DPS (when too lazy to switch out to a counter)
Mewtwo with PC/Thunderbolt - 19.904 DPS
Mewtwo with PC/Psystrike - 18.063 DPS

Against Rhyperior
Kingler - 41.698 (SE x 2.56, best counter)
machamp - 25.217 (SE x1.6)
metagross- 28.299 (SE x 1.6)
Mewtwo with PC/ice beam - 22.123 DPS (SE x 1.6)
Mewtwo with PC/Psystrike - 20.716 DPS ( no SE)

Psystrike makes Mewtwo the busted psychic attacker it deserves to be, it’s like what Metagross is with steel. :+1:t2:


How does it compare to say a lv40 Espeon and Alakazam? I mean, which level will it need to be to better them?

When they are all at lvl 40, much, MUCH better. This is against Machamp:

I played a bit with GoBattleSim. Simulations with a perfect maxed Espeon with confusion/future sight no dodge, and a perfect Mewtwo with confusion/psystrike no dodge, varying levels. The enemy is a counter/dynamic punch raid Machamp in neutral weather. Taking only DPS into account (not TDO or survival), in order to surpass Espeon, Mewtwo needs to be at least… lvl 18 :smile:

I suppose Alakazam would be a bit stronger. Maybe the lvl 40 Espeon is more bulky than the lvl 18 Mewtwo as well.