Pulled my second Neph/wrath

So I pulled my second Neph today, my knee jerk reaction on all my doubles is to merge and get those +1 stats. But I figured I should ask first because I don’t follow the meta as well as I should-is wrath still decent fodder?

What would you do, keep the fodder handy or merge? Cheers ty

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I foddered my sole Neph for Wrath on AF!Corrin and never looked back

Wrath is still good fodder on a few units. I would just save it if you don’t currently have any use for wrath fodder and if you don’t use Neph that much

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It’s a pretty good skill I’d say, but it’s also on Astram so it’s rarity has gone down a fair bit. Depends on how much you actually use Nephenee I’d say and if you want to ever use Astram. If she’s handy to you/you’re not interested in him then merge away, if not then just keep the other copy as a manual till someone could potentially use it. No need to take immediate action.

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Depends if you plan on using her no. If you dont plan on using her fodder her.

Wrath is still pretty good fodder, especially for infantries using Time’s Pulse and LAHector, as well as infantries who have powerful specials

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Even with all the powercreep she’s still great armor bait. Wrath being contingent on lost health imo is too situational to fodder her off for. Astram has wrath too and is far easier to obtain.

Sorry I’ll try n do better on categories, I’ll try n post more.

Ty all for the feedback, I’ll pry sit on my spare n inherit to someone latter on

Is that adrift female corrin? That’s not a bad suggestion. Did you change anything else with her?

It’s Adrift Female Corrin
This is mine but you can do something else

Ah atk smoke for c slot, bond for a slot (def/res is the only one I have I’m too poor for coins!)

Bonfire does more damage than draconian Aura

She’s super fun to use, especially with Altina actually