Pulled some spare 5 stars this session. Who gets the skills?

So in my attempts to get my last L!Tiki merges (she got completed btw! Even got the Res boon I was hoping for ^^) I pulled a few other units, including merge copies for units I really wanted to +10! But I had questions about some of my other pulls. Specifically:

  • 2x Fjorm
  • 1x Peony
  • 1x Thrasir

None of them had boons I wanted, and I wanted to give abilities out to other units. I do have these units already with IVs I prefer more than these copies, so I manualed them. I just want to know what I can do with them.


  • Honestly tempted to get her to +3, but noticing Corrin on the freebie selection reminded me of a gimmicky Escutcheon Grima from way back that countered even Alm. I’m wondering if there are any fun builds to attempt right now for Shield Pulse
  • I’m just wanting to keep options open. Contingencies and all.


  • She has a lot of skills to inherit from but nothing I can consider. The one I pulled was +HP -Res, but I don’t want to merge up my F2P one in case it messes up certain strats
  • The only noteworthy Blue Fliers I would consider giving the duel skill to are Bridal Ninian (inferior Peony), Naga (Purely for Mjolnir Strike), and maybe F!Morgan (Support based build).
  • Not many characters I’d give Aerobatics or Fortify Res 4 to, to my knowledge


  • I would merge, but the thing is that I already have a good Anima Defense and I don’t wish to go back to it until I get She’s also not my go-to for MS scoring, so I have little incentive to boost her up.
  • I do have a Winter Jaffar I’d love to give FB4, but I’m open to any ideas for Panic Smoke, since I never got it for fodder usage.
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Let’s start with Fjorm.

As she is, her only fodder option is Shield Pulse, which is still kinda rare today, but it’s also a neat gimmick in of itself. Not particularly useful, but fun nonetheless.

But as she stands,she’s also a constant bonus unit during some Arena seasons and AR, so merging her up can be a great idea.

Peony’s also a good asset for AR, if you plan on having 2 deployed to get double Mythic stats.

as for her fodder, it’s very…niche, but it can have it’s uses, her C-skill scores very well in Arena,if you happen to be into that sort of thing.

I personally went out of my way on her OG banner to pull one copy to give Aerobatics and Fortify Res 4 to my Adrift Camilla, as her weapon functions well with the B-skill and Bonds in general, so if you have a flying unit that isn’t blue and that profits from Bond skills, this can be a good consideration.

and lastly, Thrasir.

her A-skill’s great if you can have access to Flashing Blade 3 fodder or a unit that already has that skill to begin with,so you can get Panic Smoke at the same time. Although, from my own experience, I don’t find Panic Smoke in AR as useful as Pulse Smoke is ,but then again, I’m also only in tier 17, so I can’t really say much here and I always have the Panic Manor in my list of buildings. But it has it’s uses,if you find opponents that rely on visible buffs.

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Is +res L!Tiki’s best IV? I’m just wondering because I got a +res L!Tiki

Anyways. Shield pulse builds sorta suck these days.

Merge the Fjorm if only for Arena in water season or when she’s a bonus. If you need Fjorm builds ask.

You could also consider just keeping the second Peony for light season if you want the extra spd on a unit but not the res.

Panic smoke is good on AR defence but if you have a defense for anima all set up I don’t really know what to do with your thrasir. If you don’t have any immediate use just save her for something you might need later

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Most argue that Spd is her best but I can barely get her to hit 50 Spd even with a boon, so I prioritized making her more of a tank. If I want a L!Tiki that can hit high speeds, I’ll invest in Fallen Tiki instead.

I haven’t felt the need to do so, but thanks for the idea!

I know someone here keeps mentioning a Miracle + Flashing Blade Byleth build, but would Shield Pulse be a better option instead of Mystic Boost?

No mystic boost means after combat you get above 1 HP so you can activate miracle again. If you remove mystic boost it sorta ruins the point of the build

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