Pulling for W

Is pulling and saving originiums for W worth it? or is she just a hype?

And are there any other 6 stars that are worth pulling after nian banner?

I think the next “top tier” unit is Bagpipe.

But if you want Nian or W you should save for them as they’re limited so there won’t be another chance to get them for a long time.

W is strong but not necessary if you already have good DPS options (ranged or melee)

Any 6*'s ‘worth’ pulling would highly depend on your current line up tho. Bagpipe has strong DPS capability, Coebe is kinda fun (I just like her), a very distant Suzuran looks really nifty to roll for too.
Weedy can deal insane burst damage.
Poca has probably the most unique range. Deals great damage by the look of her base stat, with S2 buffing it up more.
Not too sure about the usability of Phantom.

So far there’re 7 new 6*s after Nian’s banner. Bagpipe, Ceobe, Phantom, W , Weedy, Rosa (the official name for Poca in English, Poca is probably a Russian word) and Suzuran. Weedy comes with W’s banner so, let’s put her aside.
She’s a vanguard that can only block 1 enemy, and just like Vigna, recovers 1 DP when an enemy is killed by her. The most used skill is her skill 3. Block 1 more enemy, +ATK and +DEF, makes her stats incredibly high within her skill duration. Definitely worth your headhunting permits for getting her.
ST caster, but can deal extra damage because of her talent. The ideal enemies for Ceobe is those who have very high DEF but with low RES. Ceobe’s skill 3 extends her attack range, and switch her damage type from Arts to Physical, and disable enemies’ abilities for a few seconds. Her skill 2 just makes her attack super fast, so she can melt some enemies very fast. If you think your ST casters aren’t good enough, then perhaps you can think about pulling her.
Fast-redeploy specialist, can summon a mirage of himself when he’s deployed. The mirage has the same skill and almost the same stats (maybe slightly weaker than himself, but it’s really not obvious). That means you can have two specialists with the same skill on your team, but they only take 1 slot. I’d say he’s that “better-than-nothing” type.
In my personal opinion, W is specialized in survival and control. 60% chance to dodge both physical and arts damage, skill 3 can deal a huge load of damage, and stun the enemies for 5s. Limited AoE sniper. If you aren’t that keen about limited operators, then she’s not an “god tier” operator.
If you decide to pull W’s banner, I think Weedy is relatively easy to get. She’s a specialist that can deal arts damage by using her skill 3. What makes her shining is, she can summon a water-jet cannon, and that water-jet cannon makes her pushing strength ridiculously high. And don’t forget that she can apply a “pure damage” buff as the enemies moving. Pure damage based on the distance
they move + ridiculously high pushing strength + huge amount of arts damage = sudden death for the enemies. If you don’t want any W, at least try your luck for Weedy.
Rosa(AKA Poca)
A sniper that has a abnormal attack range and targeting mechanic, specialized in controlling and clearing heavy enemies. Attacking the heaviest enemy within her attack range will be her priority, and her talent makes her damage even higher than her basic stats when she’s attacking enemies that have their weight rank at lv 3 and above. (Like Frostnova and Faust)
Supporter, like Saria with her skill 3 standing on ranged tiles. She slows down the enemies within her range by 80%, and provides a +20% damage buff (when her skill is activated, this will be increased to +40% damage). Like Mostima, her talent 1 recovers supporter class operators’ SP by an additional 0.4/s. I’m still working on leveling her up, so unfortunately, I haven’t discovered other new stuff about her. Sorry for that.
Sorry guys, I’ve missed a few operators. I just re-edited this so that to say something about those operators I missed.


Hmmmm W’s banner does look tempting since she shares it with Weedy. On one hand it can mean a chance of getting both in one banner, but on the other hand it’s half less chance of getting either.