PUR Broly needs a boost

Hi I like to say mine opinion that PUR broly needs a boost for example put him in the tier 1 because he has a lot of good qualities and it’s a good fighter that deserves more than the tier 3

Was this supposed to be posted in the Dragon Ball Legends section? Because right now, it’s in the Fire Emblem Heroes section.

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Lol, thanks. So used to changing it to Heroes’ Fluff that I mistook it entirely… But now that you’re here ya want to help me with something?


What is it? :fgo_nitosheets:

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I think that i used to put it on the DBL section

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Me? Sure

From the looks of it, you did. I think you forgot to put a sub-category, and AniCre, a moderator, accidentally set it to the FEH section while trying assign a sub-category

Ou I am sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: its because it’s my first time here sorry

You did but you had a few tags that weren’t necessary. I had changed it to correct it but I made a mistake while doing so, so I changed it to the correct area while removing the tags. Also I had Hujiba help me. It was a quick task but I wasn’t sure who was on at the time so I asked the first person I saw that was recent.

Aah okay :sweat_smile:

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Nah, there was a sub-category, just tags that were unneeded(Aether-Raids and Jp, both of which aren’t DBL related). I don’t generally change categories for anything other than Feh because it’s an absolute hassle doing that for the amount we have.

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I see and you think that PUR broly deserves more?

I don’t play DBL so I don’t know entirely what that means ):

Aaah I am sorry :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

All good.