Pure BS

Over 200 summons, and not 1 V.Hilde :smirk: yep, F this game.

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lol that’s sad. I don’t have much but I’ve gotten shinobi on the first daily deal. dont kill me.
but… last 10-fold I got a 4-star bow and guess who it was… rawn. who ive already gotten at least 25 times. and renee: same situation. so my luck was only good for the first day. ntm my rate was at 6.5 w/o a 5star last banner.

free eldwater lol

You know you should do around 300 summons to “guarantee” the focus unit right?
Every single seasonal banner I did I spent 200+ summons and I never got a seasonal unit, since day one. That’s not BS, you’re probably being lucky the others time and basing your summoning on all the luck you had.