Purging friend list


Am i a piece of shit,
as since im too lazy to decide who to purge from my friend list(since everyone is logging in everyday)
i just decided to put anime/manga spoilers in my message, and hope that people get triggered enough to unfriend me




You fucking suck


thx, i try my best


Maaaaan :frowning: that’s not how I would act but ok :confused:
Do you really need to purge? I would remove the less useful, but I relly like to help ppl.
My friend list is slightly empity cause I’m still not that useful (but I really like to borrow my Herc to low lvl players indeed xd)


its full so i need to purge yes
was sitting at 70/70
and i didnt really want to remove anyone :fgo_dshy:
so let them remove me instead


random remove, lol
all depends also on your gameplay. If you don’t need super strong friends, remove them probably they don’t need your help anymore (I think). If you prefer the strongest supports start removing the worst on your friendlist then.


This is what I do to help clear my friends list, inactivity asides.

  1. They’ve cleared Solomon and their Support lineup has absolutely nothing I would borrow.
    Reasoning: They’ve clearly shown the capability to complete high-level difficulty quests, either through leeching Supports, clever gameplay, or at worst, liberal use of SQ for battle continuation, yet their lineup has nothing to contribute, which clearly displays either a willingness to NOT help others, or someone who does not put effort into their own Servants.

  2. Any high-level players with a lot of Support Servants w/ skills at 1/1/1 or even 3/3/3.
    Reasoning. Honestly, red skill gems have a pretty good drop rate if you even put a smidge of effort into the 20+ AP training grounds. These people either don’t make an effort to farm to level up Servants, or they just aren’t active enough.
    Even F2P should have no trouble getting Servants to 5/5/5 if they’ve been playing enough. Gold Gems are a pretty much impossible to farm in decent quantities, so its something I can understand as not being common, but not having a majority of skills for their Servants above 2 or 3 is a travesty in my mind.

  3. Last Resort: Eenie Meenie Miney Mo. I’ve personally never used this, but if you’re desperate, or feel like exercising your inner douche, might as well go for broke.


Yes, this is a good plan. The only thing I would argue with is this line

Maybe they are simply unlucky :confused:
For example I have basic 2* 3* servants, and not lot of good 4* or 5* (I’m still leveling up some of them) and I think they are “useless” for stronger players, unless they need an Herc or a Jeanne…
I’m not doing this cause I don’t like to help others. I’m just a 100 login player, so I’m still growing in the game.
PS Jeanne is still 1/1/1 :stuck_out_tongue: but there is a reason ahah. I’m trying to build a skill priority between my servants.
Anyway I agree with the rest of what you said :slight_smile:
Good luck and have fun gaming and talk about the game! (that’s the most important thing)


They may be unlucky, but anyone who has completed Solomon, Nero Fest, and some of the most difficult quests FGO has to offer DEFINITELY should already be an experienced player with a solid foundation of Servants, regardless of rarity.
Also, even if they have no SSR, they would have funneled all their resources into increasing skill and exp level of Servants like Euryale, Robin, or Cu Chulainn.
Heck, they probably even max-grailed these Servants, which shows an admirable dedication towards making a Servant useful to themselves or others.
Everyone should look to definitely have something to offer, even if its only one Servant, and is something I would rarely use. (Euryale for Gawain)
For example, given the severely short list of bonus Servants for GudaGuda, even max level NP5 Medusas, Ushiwakamaru, or Cu’s (with decently leveled skills) can be attractive picks in Players Support lists.
But even if their lineup is all SSRs, there could be a lot of reasons I wouldn’t use anything from their lineup. Their choice of CE’s isn’t useful, low skill level, the Servants themselves aren’t compatible with my teambuilding scenarios, a multitude of reasons could exist for why I wouldn’t pick something off them.


I’m a bit annoyed having 40/70 friends. I can’t say why, exactly, but I was happy having 20. 40 is a nuisance for events when not everyone summons event CEs, so it’s harder to find the one support that had what you’re looking for. But all of my friends consistently log in every 12-15 hours, so I can’t make an easy cut of inactive ones. So I’ll live with it.

Having a full 70 friends would terrify me though, no doubt.


I only did the Christmas event for Jeanne lily and completed Solomon, I just have 1 welfare servant :slight_smile:
Anyway I’ll max out my Herc and hope he will be useful for others :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s an option that hides servants without bonuses in events, so isn’t as bad as you think.


Oh, I’m aware of that. But they only display so many servants at a time in the support tab- maybe 15 or 20? So if I have 70 friends, and only 15 have event CEs, the majority of the supports I can choose from won’t. Even if I toggle it to only show friends with event CEs, that just hides the ones that don’t have the CEs. So of the 10 friends I can use, it might only show 1. But he might not be the one with the MLB CE, so I have to refresh. Again, and again, and again.


That’s why you need to build a diverse list of Friends that you know will have something useful at any given time.

For me, I can always count on someone having a 10/10/10 Waver MLB Chaldea Lunchtime or a MLB Mona Lisa on Drake at almost any time of day. If not on the first refresh, then on the next or so.

Don’t go accepting every friend request you get. If you want to keep it tidy, always look at their Support list and see if they have something you can use. Eventually, you’ll compile a good number of players who are active during all parts of the day that have a Support Servant you can use.

Best way to weed out your friends list is to not let them in in the first place.


Seriously, don’t be a douche. No one deserves that.


Eh the thing is,
i like 80% of these peeps =/
they either have wavers, are the few with a non lunch time merlins, or have other class servants i would use like a 100 lancelot or 90 tama cat ,
instead of me making the choice, its better for them to make the choice :>

also its a good excuse to channel my inner anime elitism and purge people who watch shit anime


What if none of them watch anime? You’re completely boned!!


ft, jojo and im going to do bc next(if it doesnt drop to 66)
i refuse to believe none of them watches these mainstream stuff



I would like to offer people support to use, but since I’m F2p the only one worth using is Jeanne(Ruler).

450 days with F luck, and no one interest in using Cu even got both of his skill to max, and graile d him.