Purified Pokèmon

So as I go to heal and revive mons used in gyms and Grunt battles, I’ve noticed that one or two of the Pokèmon that I’ve purified but not used have a few health points missing,. It’s never all of them, but it’s always different mons each time. Has anyone else been having this problem, or is it something in the game that makes this happen?

As you probably know, purifying increases the IVs of the pokemon by 2 in each value. When this happens to the health stat, this increases the maximum value of the stat but does not increase the current value, leading to a small deficit.

In some cases, the HP stat may already be maxed out before it was purified, leading to no increase. The way the calculation rounds may also produce no increase.

This definitely helps, but it doesn’t explain why it is happening to ones I’ve purified days or weeks ago

It does explain that though? It doesn‘t matter when you purify if, if the HP IV goes up in the process, the Pokemon will be missing a few HP. And the HP will stay at not-max until you heal the Pokemon.

No it doesn’t explain it because now the same Pokémon I healed yesterday are missing help again today

Oh, sorry, then I misunderstood your comment. Sorry about that. That‘s really weird though.

Pokemon don’t randomly lose HP after you heal it to full.

Could be a visual glitch. Restart your app.

Evolving would bring them to full HP and conserve those super precious potions.